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Volume 47 Number 38

Elm Street state of mind

FRAMELINE 2013: Gay horror icon Mark Patton revisits 'Nightmare 2'

On Guard

The story behind the Bay Guardian's new ownership and the departure of Editor-Publisher Tim Redmond

Hot mess

This weekend's music: Triple release party for Battlehooch and friends, lady drummers for Tom Tom Mag benefit, more

Undercover Juggalo

Could an outsider infiltrate the juggalo sect during Insane Clown Posse's Oakland stopover?

One ringy-dingy

Lily Tomlin takes her classic characters on the road

Father’s day

Alysia Abbott pays tribute to the gay, single-parent dad who raised her in bohemian SF

Console prizes

Gamer reports on E3 — and 2013's best title so far

More to grow on

FRAMELINE 2013: Short takes and highlights from Frameline37

Lives less ordinary

FRAMELINE 2013: Five docs about five great gay men -- plus more at the massive LGBT Film Fest, opening this week

Where to next?

LEVYdance celebrates its first decade with an outdoor performance of past works


Crème brûlée, chicken and waffles, barbacoa, and deluxe fried rice — all in a week's work.

You can’t see me

High concept anti-surveillance fashion finds mass appeal

The end of an era, but not of a legacy

As the new publisher, I want the Guardian's future as a progressive voice to be assured.

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All eyes on us

The NSA surveillance scandal is rooted in the Bay Area. Who was involved, when did it start -- and how can you protect your privacy?