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Volume 45 Number 47

August 24-30, 2011

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Good girls inhale

Is new play Toke the Eat, Pray, Love of weed?

Sequel smackdown

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Eagerly, and maybe not so eagerly, awaited upcoming video game releases

For the fall of it

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Autumn's most intriguing theatrical events

The big ones

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: A concert for (nearly) every day of the year

Never out of mind

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Deathstock reunites San Francisco's long-lost bands

Vision statement

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Our visual arts column Hairy Eyeball sizes up fall's gallery and museum shows

Open mouth, insert popcorn

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Hollywood's big movies are big

Reps rule

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: What's not coming to a megaplex near you


FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Hip-hop, J-pop, green tech, veggie treats — fall fairs and festivals won't be pigeonholed. Here's our guide

Fiery jack

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Nightlife wobbles, glows, and explodes in the fall

Bluestem Brasserie

Sean Canavan's dishes are exercises in well-controlled forcefulness, and James Ormsby's deserts offer a delightful finish

Fall on the floor

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: The season's standout local and touring dance programs

Of wings and thumbs

A Sang Tung disappointment, but a good save by Perilla

Parking on the park

Rec-Park proposes facilities for more food trucks in Dolores Park

Caught in a RAT trap

SFPD's expensive Robbery Abatement Team stings don't always snag the thieves they're out to get

Threats or payback?

Activist arrested after criticizing the SFPD and its tactics on television

Bravo, il gato

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: The baroque San Francisco band is about to have its best season yet

Hetch Hetchy: Two visions

Public power versus the environment? The debate continues over last week's cover story

Editor’s notes

Hey mayoral candidates, how about tackling tax reform?

Pointless waste at SFPD

Entrapment shouldn't be a line item on police force budget