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Volume 45 Number 13

Boogie blows up

SF's spray can maestro takes Berlin — but what about those 500,000 euros?

Out with the old

Southeastern San Francisco celebrates the end of the Potrero power plant

Volume 45 Number 13 Flip-through Edition

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Baby daddy drama

YEAR IN FILM: Parsing 2010's bumper crop of sperm donor comedies

Rate irate

YEAR IN FILM: Confidential to the Motion Picture Association of America: F-U

Past imperfect

YEAR IN FILM: Digging through the year in archival footage

Get “real”

YEAR IN FILM: The Social Network, Catfish, and I'm Still Here push the boundaries of truth and fiction

Goal difference

YEAR IN FILM: Top 2010 doc The Two Escobars examines two sides of Colombian narco-soccer

Babes in bondage

YEAR IN FILM: Or, 2010's perfection-pursuing fatal femmes

Spank it

Some hot and heavy New Year's Eve party picks -- no diapers required.

Parada 22

Bringing some Puerto Rican sunshine to a bleak stretch in Upper Haight

Call it macaroni

Kofte with the kiddies at Turkish Kitchen in Berkeley

alt.sex.column: Chimps R Us

Dear Readers:When our kids were first identified, at four months or so, as a girl and a boy, we were thrilled. We also immediately...

Trash talk

Where's the city's garbage going next? Nobody knows

Share your stuff

New opportunities for sharing your car are part of a larger trend toward getting more use out of private assets

RCV lessons for the SF mayor’s race

In our winner-take-all society, the incentives of ranked-choice voting find common ground and build coalitions

Deportation hotel

When the U.S. sends immigrants back across the border, where do they go?

Editor’s Notes

If you want to be mayor, you need to get out there

Get out of the way, Mr. Mayor

Newsom knew when he decided to seek higher office that he'd be leaving the city early if he won

Year in Film: 2010

The Reel World: Guardian critics assess a year stuffed with docs (real and faux), sperm, swearing, and horror