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Volume 43 Number 40

Art or ARG

What is this thing they call the Jejune Institute? Does it hurt?

Isthmus insanity

DJ Beto's extra-zesty Panamanian adventure. Plus: Tartufi gets its Fourth off

Daydream city

Snakeflower 2 sheds its Memphis skin in favor of cacophony and cantatas

Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

A special remembrance from and for the heart of a soul lover

Volume 43 Number 40 Flip-through Edition

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Forever our kings

Pentagram forges a five-star caliber five-pointed star of sound


William I. Robinson's latest outlines a mad rush toward a world where cars consume cereal

Zine it like you mean it

Goteblüd is a treasure trove of DIY publishing

Daughter of darkness

Jennifer Lynch steps up -- cruelly -- with Surveillance

Buttered up

Tootling around Berlin, and missing Brick Pig's House in Oakland

If it IS broke, don’t fix it

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I met this guy ("Dave") a couple of years ago through other friends and we became friends. I think he was attracted to me,...

Father Miguel’s homily

U.N. General Assembly president urges rich countries to better address the economic crisis

Shifting gears

Safer streets for cyclists cause growing pains for motorists

The nativists are restless

Chronicle stories and controversial award trigger a new round of anti-immigrant anger

Kinda Kink.com

Ratio 3's "Safe Word" reaches out to a neighbor

Turning point

Parking is quietly becoming the year's big issue

The mobility of space

Deconstructing the politics of parking in San Francisco

Wading in

Aurora Theatre's see-worthy romantic comedy, Jack Goes Boating


Quietly sophisticated "coastal cuisine" in a Captain Nemo-like, underwater-fantasy setting

Appetite: Honeycomb coladas, Italian wines, French prix fixe, and more

Food-and-drink spots, deals, events and news

The Tallest Man on Earth

Mattson fingerpicks melodies with sprinter's speed but never loses a nimble grace

“Sex Positive”

Richard Berkowitz found a new outlet for highly vocal activism when AIDS first began taking a significant toll in the hitherto carefree, wide-open New York City gay scene

Summer Slaughter Tour

Throw in three or four majority whips with reliable fanbases and good reputations, and you've got yourself a Congress of carnage

July 4 Dining Deals

This year, Bay Area foodies can celebrate our country without compromising their culinary standards