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Volume 43 Number 13

Best in show

The Year in Visual Arts 2008

Tiger tales

This just might be the worst drinking-game DVD ever

Lincoln flogs

Beowulf, phantoms, and swearing Scots mark the year in theater

Steps that impressed

Casting an eye back to the year in dance

Crystal magic

Crystal Antlers gobble up old soul. Plus: Zigaboo Modaliste, QBert, Blackalicious, and more ...


Captain Eyepatch to the rescue!

It’s tops

More Best of 2008 lists from Bay Area players

Along the y-axis

Scoping out Lily Hoang's Parabola

Speed Reading

Waiter Rant: thanks for the tip, cynical

Volume 43 Number 13 Flip-through Edition

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Gonna fly now?

A battered Mickey Rourke bids for late-round greatness in The Wrestler

You snooze, you lose

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the Pitts

Henry’s Hunan Restaurant

A broad selection of Chinese greatest hits, a few clever wrinkles, and plenty of chili kick on outer Church Street

Mother trumpers

Talavera Taqueria in Berkeley

Ball-busting jamboree

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Some years ago I managed to stop a boy from going too far by grabbing hold of his testicles and squeezing them...

Don’t look back

Art in 2008 recedes like nobody's business, and it might be time to come home

Picks, pans, and a top 10

Artists and curators sound off on 2008

Sentenced to rape

LGBT inmates face unusually high risk of sexual assault in prison

No artist left behind

A new WPA program for local artists?

Furor in the sheriff’s union

Ambitious president under fire in lawsuit claiming financial impropriety

Up against ICE

Immigrant-rights groups challenge the mayor to stand behind SF's sanctuary ordinance


There's almost unanimous approval throughout the city that beefing up transmission lines would be better than building a power plant

Editor’s Notes

Something out of synch with the holiday spirit, something you don't want to hear ....

A flawed energy bill

Who's going to control the local electric grid, and thus the city's energy future?