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Volume 40 Number 45

August 9- August 15, 2006

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Facing the right way

LA Noir impresses with expressions


Aug. 15 Visual Art "Another Best Friend Somehow" As American icon or American spirit, Bob Dylan is constantly revived by the cultural defibrillator in large and very...


Aug. 14 ORIENTATION Join the resistance Come to the new member orientation at Critical Resistance, which supports prisoner rights and works to remove prison as a solution...


Aug. 13 Music David Grisman Bluegrass Experience David "Dawg" Grisman's long and storied career as a proponent of nonelectric music and grand master of the mandolin has...


Aug. 12 Film San Francisco Home Movie Day This is the fifth annual national celebration of Home Movie Day, and Stephen Parr of the San Francisco Media...


Aug. 11 Music Oranger The fog shrouding San Francisco for much of the year is clearly conducive to pop music, as Oranger have had what the Fine...


Aug. 10 Music Ryoji Ikeda Earlier this year Ryoji Ikeda released Dataplex (Raster-Norton), a CD composed of computer malfunction sounds that includes a final track designed to...


AUG. 9 Event Bring ’em home Head to the state capitol for a protest organized by Code Pink and call upon state legislators to pass a resolution...

Topping the hoop

Instructor Christabel Zamor takes hoop dancing to the next level

Get your herb on

Careers and Education: Berkeley's EcoHouse demonstrates the fragrant power of sustainable living

Spiff your licks

Our fearless correspondent brushes up on going down

Fixin’ to ride

Several local courses take wreck pedalers through the nuts and bolts of do-it-yourself bike repair

Learning from leaks

Permaculture courses teach ancient wisdom and environmental action

Clubber’s index

› superego@sfbg.com SUPER EGO To paraphrase an even bigger Gaye than me: what the fuck's going on? Bloodshed and glitter, testosterone and falsies, international hatred...

{Empty title}

Playing with his balls MLB 06: The Show (Sony; Sony PSP) GAMER This was supposed to be a review of the FIFA World Cup game, but I...

Keeping it hyperreal

Kraft and Purver's Remote controls mediated distance and military dominance

Rage and resistance

The Coup's Boots Riley continues to challenge with the unapologetic Pick a Bigger Weapon


In its almost 27 minutes, Samantha Reynolds's Back to Life doesn't break down the history of taxidermy, but it does prod, stumble, and finesse...

Fifteen, minute

Quinceañera celebrates details that summer blockbusters miss

Found in translation

John Byrum revisits The Razor's Edge and Bill Murray's dramatic debut

To hell with the world

One question that has swirled around Oliver Stone's World Trade Center is whether it is too soon to make a film about the WTC...

Stone’s throw

Should a movie called World Trade Center have a happy ending?

The Death of me

› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER Wanna know the surest way to mortify me or send me skulking into the shadows? Bludgeon me with praise. Single me...

Squeaky wheels

By L.E. Leone › le_chicken_farmer@yahoo.com CHEAP EATS Hey now, don't forget about the Cotati Accordion Festival this summer. Every summer I tell you about it, and...