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The Performant: Nerds vs. Geeks and other four-letter words

Scoping out the local arts and culture scene ... Are you a nerd, or are you a geek? A geek, or a nerd? I...

The Performant: The Witching Hour — Puritan girls gone wild and midnight museum marauders

Checking out the local arts and culture scene ... There’s no doubt about it—San Franciscans love a rock opera. From the faux-real heavy metal...

Men with a Mission

Porto Franco Records helps keep local music afloat

The Performant: A mutable feast — or, theater, buffet-style

If the venerable San Francisco Fringe Festival is a full-on Circus Circus-style, all-you-can-eat-buffet, I like to think of its kid cousin the...

The Performant: Adrift on survival riffs and life rafts

Recent trends on the arts and culture sceneAs long as there has been art, I imagine that the phrase “starving artist” has been in...

The Performant: Upright Citizen’s Brigade and Fly Trap Theatre spelunk the absurd

Reviews of recent arts and culture happeningsWhen asked by the Upright Citizen’s Brigade touring company last Friday what his motto in life was, the...

The Performant: When I die I will be offcenter

Scoping out the local arts and culture scene ... If there were a Best of the Bay category for performance space with the catchiest...

The Performant: Shrouds Illuminated at the LAB and Garage

Nicole Gluckstern reports on the Bay Area arts and culture sceneIt sounds a little strange, but I’ve been thinking about shrouds. Not in a...

Up Mission Creek with Mark Matos and Os Beaches

July 13, 2010
 I had a “hold me closer, Tony Danza,” moment when I first heard the hyper-localized anthem “High Priest of the Mission,” on Mark Matos...

Get your kicks

Where to score some big-screen World Cup action, from Civic Center to North Beach

To thrill is divine

Thrillpeddlers takes its revivalism seriously, in Spandex

Whatever it takes

Israeli defense technique Krav Maga goes for the throat

Mark Growden hits with a “Judas” kiss

March 10, 2010
It’s been eight years since Mark Growden, local bad boy of the accordion (and the bicycle handlebars), last recorded a studio album, and the...

Underground and proud

Dan Carbone evokes the most unconventional of worlds -- and does it his way

Strong Beer Month pours it on, is strong

February 9, 2010
There’s not a lot to look forward to in February. Unless, of course, you happen to be into beer. (And, er, love.) Yes, we're...

The revolution will not be regionalized

How Trikont Music is saving the world, one compilation at a time

Hats off to Paul’s!

September 3, 2009
Text by Nicole Gluckstern. Photos by Gabe Magaña Richmond District residents and fedora aficionados who mourned the temporary closure of Paul’s Hat...

Art or ARG

What is this thing they call the Jejune Institute? Does it hurt?

Sila and the Afrofunk Experience

The best of all possible worlds in World Music terms: uptempo, polyrhythmic, socially conscious (but not pedantic), strikingly melodic, and eminently danceable.

Throbbing Gristle vs. Machine Sex

The Industrial Revolution of San Francisco

Wise blood

Wovenhand works a supernatural naturalism -- and weaves a Denver charm

Liebe me, liebe me not

Love is in the air (and theater) at this year's Berlin and Beyond fest


The Shotgun Players raise the bar with a staged reading of John Barton's daunting 10-play cycle

The Thousand Faces Ball

OmniCircus continues to thrill and trouble audiences