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States push back on Citizens United ruling

January 12, 2012
With the upcoming anniversary of the Citizens United decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations to make unlimited campaign contributions, California Assembly...

Following court ruling, SF Redevelopment seeks a “legislative fix”

December 29, 2011
Redevelopment agencies were dealt a statewide hit after a unanimous ruling Dec. 29 by the California Supreme Court decided not only that lawmakers had...

Castro residents clash over proposed restrictions in public spaces

December 6, 2011
UPDATE: This article has been changed to include three corrections.Community activists in the Castro District of San Francisco have been riled up by recent...

Students forage in SF park for weekend Fungus Fair

December 2, 2011
Late fall is the time for the fleshy bodies of fungi to find their way to the moist, earthy surface. This time of year,...

Whose park?

Proposal to build a large artificial turf soccer complex in Golden Gate Park sparks controversy

Timber war returns

Environmentalists revive campaign to stop the clearcutting of forests in California

Onek supporters rally ’round

November 8, 2011
A small crowd of District Attorney Candidate David Onek’s most passionate supporters gravitated to the Pilsner Inn to celebrate the end of an energized...