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Toronto International Film Festival: Viggo, we love you, yeah yeah yeah

September 13, 2006
Celebrity sightings? Michelle Devereaux just spotted God at this year's Toronto International Film Festival: Toronto, Wednesday, 12:09am: I have just left the Ryerson Theatre, where...

American lie

This Film Is Not Yet Rated investigates Jack Valenti’s legacy

The Kirby grip: A talk with director of This Film is Not Yet Rated

September 12, 2006
While briefly in San Francisco during an intense media tour promoting his much-buzzed doc This Film is Not Yet Rated, filmmaker Kirby Dick sat...

Toronto International Film Festival: Consider this

September 12, 2006
Michelle Devereaux is in Toronto. Here's her first report: “I’m hearing Oscar buzz!” a giddy audience member shouted after the second public TIFF screening of...

Toronto International Film Festival: Bright lights, and the heart of theater darkness

September 8, 2006
Author and critic B. Ruby Rich (who programmed TIFF's 2002 runaway hit and award winner Whale Rider) checks in with her first report from...

Back from the country

Vashti Bunyan returns to dispel myths and make more great music

Vashti’s progress: More than just another diamond night in San Francisco

September 5, 2006
Vashti Bunyan is giving a concert at Great American Music Hall this week. To give an idea of how rare this event is, Bunyan...

The Wow of Joao: A talk with Two Drifters director Joao Pedro Rodrigues

“People are crazy here, no?," director Joao Pedro Rodrigues half-asks over the phone from LA, where he’s making a brief visit to promote Two...

Fall Arts Intro: Autumn leaves

La-di-dah di-dah-di-dum, ’tis autumn, and after reaching a decision with birdielike precision, the birds have made a beeline for the south. Yet nonfeathered friends...

When the lights go down

Twenty-five more reasons (plus one) to run to and from the theater this fall

Yay Area five-oh

Fifty ways to rep film in your fall calendar

Discs, man

Enter the weird, wonderful world of new music releases

This ain’t no Artforum

Kimberly Chun and Johnny Ray Huston visualize pieces and pick their faves for the fall


1. "Prophets of Deceit" As assorted "powers" turn the fear factor up ever higher, you don't need to be Mel Gibson (phew) to see...

Seven up!

A string of lucky charms for Bay Area theater lovers

The jump off

Fall back — and leap forward with 10 upcoming dance highlights

To the Moondog, Ma!

August 18, 2006
Lately, I can't stop listening to Moondog. Louis Thomas Hardin was often-to-always homeless, which is another way of saying the world belonged to him. Blinded...


"It just ain't a kegger without Church Mouse." So says someone at a rager in Joel DeMott and Jeff Kreines's controversial Seventeen, and almost...


In its almost 27 minutes, Samantha Reynolds's Back to Life doesn't break down the history of taxidermy, but it does prod, stumble, and finesse...

It’s (not) easy being Green Gartside

August 7, 2006
Yeah, so what that Sasha Frere-Jones has praised him in the New Yorker, and the New York Times is loving him, too. There's still...

Mary, Mary, quite contrary – and often brilliant

The one and only Mary Woronov is a novelist, a memoirist, and the kind of movie star who is too sexy, too campy, and...

Take that, bitches!

August 3, 2006
Pharrell, for one, can only look up at her: The #1 album this week, debuting at the top of the Billboard Top 200, is...

If you live to be a hundred you will never be as smart as me!

“I believe that you are a mother who is pretty desperate. Not only are you not a very nice person, you’re also a slob. You’re a...