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The Secretary of State

Today is as good a day as any to look at Luc Tuymans' much-debated 2005 oil-on-canvas portrait The Secretary of State. In a 2005 top...

Francoise Hardy, I Love You

July 26, 2006
Have you heard Francoise Hardy's If You Listen? First released in 1972, this collection of songs sounds very 2006 -- proof positive that Devendra...

Calling Mr. Ozon

Francois Ozon’s new movie Time to Leave opens in Bay Area theaters this Friday, which means that it’s time to talk to him --...

The planet of the mutants

Os Mutantes are back — in truthful Tropicália technicolor!

A present from the past

Colter Jacobsen uses a pencil to turn old photos into "Your Future"

But I love it!

Valley of the Dolls (Fox Home Entertainment) PRESS PLAY My favorite anecdote about Susan Hayward hides in a Nicholas Ray biography. When director Ray first met...


"My basic photography lesson is this: You frame the perfect composition, exactly like you want it, and then you step forward," says Larry Clark....

Deadly cure

He may have the world's largest collection of Kim Wilde posters on his apartment walls, but caterpillar-browed Mr. Lazarescu (Ion Fiscuteanu) is no kid...

Calleth he, calleth I

The Ark's 21st-century rock star Ola Salo does his thing, shoots, and scores

Meth-y behavior

Perhaps a good indicator of a social problem's gravity is the number of documentaries it inspires. This year crystal meth addiction, specifically in gay...

Light after darkness

Jenni Olson excavates the film life of late SF icon Weldon Kees

Honeycomb hideout

V??ctor Erice's dreamy allegory The Spirit of the Beehive still stings today

My crones sleep alone

4: berserk reasons to believe in Russian cinema, if not society

Doing the Cannes-Cannes

Gary Meyer of the Balboa is at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Here is the first of his reports from the Croisette and the...

Brilliant corners

All hail the Dislocated Genius of Chelonis R. Jones's electronic soul

Arctic vessels

Matthew Barney serves up cold fish in Drawing Restraint 9

Festival decompress

The last few days of the San Francisco International Film Festival usually have a calmer quality, perhaps even more so this year, in the...

Lesley’s turn to talk

April 21, 2006
Lesley Gore is in town this weekend, singing at Brava Theater Center. I recently had the chance to call the ‘60s teen queen who...

The 49er

The San Francisco International Film Festival turns a corner before turning 50

The L word: Lesley

I hear car horns behind the voice of Lesley Gore on the phone, which makes sense, since the woman who sang "It's My Party"...

Daniel in the lion’s den

April 7, 2006
The first time I heard Daniel Johnston’s music, I’d ordered a tape from K Records, having little idea what to expect. What arrived in...

No one steps to Kitchen Stadium!

TV Taking over Project Runway's time slot, Top Chef has some big shoes to fill. No, I don't mean Santino's (or his...