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14 excellent establishments for Olympic watching

August 10, 2012
The Olympics might have originated as an an ancient Roman display of physical beauty and premier strength, but this is 2012, the point now...

6 Easter treats for adults

March 27, 2012
Trust us, this holiday can be fun -- and not just in the annual Hunky Jesus contest sense (although that's pretty adult-entertaining as well)....

7 spots for wine and wi-fi

March 21, 2012
Are those cubicle walls closing in? For those of us who prefer to pair our work with a side of wine, here are some...

5 bathrooms we’d consider renting

March 8, 2012
In a city with so many artistically adept individuals, perhaps it’s only natural for great design to extend to the toilet. Here’s a list...

15 lipsmacking cocktails for $5 and under

March 6, 2012
Screw on your drinking hats, cheapos -- we tracked down 15 watering holes that'll leave you toasted, in a financially stable kind of way. 1....

6 great author readings in the next 12 days

February 23, 2012
Opt for a night sans sloppy drunks, covers, reality TV, or morning-after regret. Opt for a book reading -- here, we'll get you started...

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