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For whom the bell rocked: Too much turned up

September 16, 2013
Three to five years ago, the most popular phrase at Rock the Bells was “Rest in peace J Dilla.” This year, it was “Let’s...

For whom the bell rocks: hologram rap edition

September 11, 2013
This year’s Rock The Bells really is the Costco of hip-hop festivals. Pretty much anyone who’s anyone in the hip-hop world (plus some dead...

The Selector: September 11-16, 2013

September 11, 2013
WEDNESDAY 11Jimmy Cliff At age 65, reggae legend Jimmy Cliff is experiencing perhaps one of the greatest bursts of artistic productivity in all of...

The Selector

September 10, 2013
WEDNESDAY 9/11 Jimmy Cliff At age 65, reggae legend Jimmy Cliff is experiencing perhaps one of the greatest bursts of artistic productivity in all of...

Heads Up: 6 must-see concerts this week

September 10, 2013
Music can serve to fit your specific mood. If you can pinpoint an emotion you wish to heighten, you have the ability to explode...

Get to the show, weirdos

FALL ARTS: MUSIC From Rock the Bells to Kate Nash, a sonic smorgasbord of can't-miss upcoming concerts

Just chill

On the cusp of headlining Noise Pop slots, Toro Y Moi releases an album equally inspired by J Dilla and his new Bay Area home

Live Shots: Rock the Bells at Shoreline Amphitheater

August 28, 2012
With a lineup jam packed with hip-hop artists from all across the genre’s increasingly diverse spectrum, Rock the Bells last weekend at Shoreline Amphitheater...

Deltron 3030 is back

August 24, 2012
After releasing their self-titled debut LP to cultish acclaim in 2000, Bay Area hip-hop supergroup Deltron 3030 mysteriously dropped off the radar for over...

Our Weekly Picks: August 22-28

WEDNESDAY 22Time Stands Still The Tony-nominated (Best Play 2010) play Time Stands Still comes to Theatreworks Mountain View, after the hugely successful Broadway run...

‘Pale kid’ Watsky raps fast — and returns to the Bay

July 24, 2012
In 2007, then 20-year-old George Watsky and his band at the time, Invisible Inc., rented out Slim’s nightclub in San Francisco and put themselves...


FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Hip-hop, J-pop, green tech, veggie treats — fall fairs and festivals won't be pigeonholed. Here's our guide

Our Weekly Picks: August 10-16

WEDNESDAY 10MUSICOutdoorsmen Seeking some pissed-as-shit garage rock from San Francisco? Eschewing the contemporary lyrical idiom of pizzas, fun, and friends, the band Outdoorsmen has more...

The residue

B.o.B and an era of hip-hop that's pop, pop, and more pop

Wale watch

Taking the pulse of viral hip-hop in '09 with one of its raw talents

Rock the Bells: Did the fest pull off its blend of old school and new?

August 21, 2008
Tales from... : Tre of the Pharcyde. All photos by Mosi Reeves By Mosi Reeves Rock the Bells was tiring but fun. The Aug. 16 event...

Superlist: Youth record labels

Where local kids can make beats and rhymes

Check it twice

Year-end music-list mania continues

Talkin’ bout their generation

Racing for the stage at the Summer of Love 40th Anniversary

Mo’ Rock the Bells

August 21, 2007
Guardian staffer Ben Hopfer caught it all on Saturday, Aug. 18, in SBC Park's parking lot. Hot, hot, hot. Wu-Tang goes off with a...

Bringing the noise to Rock the Bells

August 20, 2007
Who did we spy over at the ballpark lot on Saturday: Public Enemy, playing the latest Rock the Bells. Here's just a taste with...

Against them!

How relevant are Rage Against the Machine?

Summer interneat megamixxx – the octuple up

July 13, 2007
By Robert Bergin Summer is for trains, cowboys, Rock the Bells, the Simpsons Movie, Daft Punk at the Greek, getting dirty, Slint at Bimbo’s, children’s...

NOISE: Whoo! I mean, Wu! Rock the Bells…

August 8, 2006
Guardian assistant art director Ben Hopfer checked out the Rock the Bells rap convo on Aug. 6 in Concord: Redman carouses backstage at Rock the...