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Folsom Street Fair

SFBG ass towels — as featured in the New York Times — take to the streets (NSFW)

It was an idea whose time had come. In response to Scott Weiner's proposal that all of San Francisco's nudes had to place something...

Dare to bare this weekend? We’ve got something for that ass

Supervisor Scott Wiener recently introduced legislation that would encourage all of SF's legally protected nudists to put something under their rear ends before sitting...

Foreplay: Two pre-Folsom scenes

As Folsom Street Fair (Sat/24) looms over us like a leather daddy with an itchy whip paw, the city readies itself for the roughest, naughiest,...

Warm Leatherette

SEX AND NIGHTLIFE: It's a good ol' SF WTF freakend with Folsom Street Fair's Deviants, Lovevolution, Earthdance, Show Me Where It Hurts, Temptation, and Sisters of the Moon

SEX ISSUE: Fun with cover model Leo Forte

Photographer Matthew Reamer and Art Director Mirissa Neff had a steamy Sex Issue cover shoot with strapping adult performer Leo Forte last week. Rrroaw!Leo...

Going bare? Get your official Butt Guardian here!

Whether you're a fulltime nudist or a mere Folsom Street Fair tourist who suddenly finds yourself bereft of tush-covering after a hot dom cat-whips...

Hot sexy events: September 21-27

Pretty much, today's whole paper is a hog-tied, historical, self-confessional smutfest of San Franciscan proportions. It only makes sense, because I dare say this...

The Sex Issue 2011

Kink feminism, Bawdy Storytelling, an SF smut map, Folsom Street Fair happenings -- and the hottest ass in San Francisco.  

Because Princess says so

SEX ISSUE: The mastermind behind Kink.com's "Wired Pussy" and "Public Disgrace" sites finds power in perversion

Music Listings

WEDNESDAY 21ROCK/BLUES/HIP-HOPBlack Cat Cabaret, Slim Jenkins, Cyril Noir DNA Lounge 9pm, $5-$8.Blank Tapes, Chloe Makes Music, Range of Light Wilderness Great American Music Hall....


FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Hip-hop, J-pop, green tech, veggie treats — fall fairs and festivals won't be pigeonholed. Here's our guide

Fiery jack

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Nightlife wobbles, glows, and explodes in the fall

Hot sexy events: July 27-August 3

Ugh. There is nothing sexy about breast cancer (unless you're Annie Sprinkle). But honestly, when life gives you tumors, you give that thing tumescence...

Perverts give good poetry

culture@sfbg.comLUST FOR LIFE I work at the St. James Infirmary, an occupational health clinic for current and former sex workers. The clinic is a...

Upcoming summer festivals

July 14-24 Midsummer Mozart Festival Various Bay Area venues. (415) 627-9141, www.midsummermozart.org . Prices vary. You won't be hearing any Beethoven or Schubert...

Girls just want to have fun

The SF girls of Leather  cute kink and breaking down stereotypes

Summer fairs and festivals

Get ready for the solstice with our guide to summertime fun 

Leather forever

Found Footage Festival screens rare gems -- and giants, like Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Jackie Beat: “Hung Puerto Rican elves only”

Generously talented and fantastically energetic (we're talking 8-bit chipmunk here) LA drag entertainer Jackie Beat is in town with her new show "Jackie Beat's...

Party Radar: Frikstailers, Eoto and Mimosa, Chaser, Cockblock

OK there are like a million parties going one this week -- and I'm just getting started. (Hurray first hangover of Folsom Street Fair...

Hot sexy events Sept 22-28

What's going on in sexy San Francisco this week? Everything. End of column. Jokes! As a matter de facto, however, Folsom Street Fair has...

Hot sluts!

THE SEX ISSUE: Our favorite sleazy, easy, and just plain sexy people, places, and things in San Francisco

Lick it up

Chain-chain-chains: Folsom Street Fair parties, Public Works opening, Horse Meat Disco, Black Milk, Flying Lotus, Carl Craig, Mary Anne Hobbs, Kyle Hall, and a ton more nightlife

Music listings

Music listings are compiled by Paula Connelly and Cheryl Eddy. Since club life is unpredictable, it's a good idea to call ahead to confirm...