Going bare? Get your official Butt Guardian here!

Pub date September 21, 2011
SectionPixel Vision

Whether you’re a fulltime nudist or a mere Folsom Street Fair tourist who suddenly finds yourself bereft of tush-covering after a hot dom cat-whips the ass of your fancy jeans off (“insta-chaps”) — you’ll want to print out one of our official SFBG Butt Guardians to comply with Supervisor Scott Weiner’s proposal that bare butts be placed on some sort of suitable covering in order for public nudity to remain lawful in San Francisco.

Weiner is attempting to soothe the heebie jeebies induced in some shrinking violets about stray hairs and other hysterical anal imaginings covering the seats of our fair city in the Castro and beyond. And we want to help. Print out this handy Butt Guardian PDF or grab a current copy of the Bay Guardian on the streets in order to sit pretty without leaving any nitty gritty. See — our paper isn’t just for wrapping fish and lining birdcages after all.

PS: Look for us at the Castro Nude-In at noon on Saturday and the Foslom Street Fair on Sunday where we’ll be passing out a fancy towel version of the Butt guardian. it’s assouvenir!