About that “far left beating…”

November 18, 2010
Our old pal Chuck Nevius is gloating about how the "far left" (I guess that means the people who would have been called mainstream...

D10 nail biting continues, but Cohen remains in lead

November 10, 2010
When the city’s Department of Elections ran its second preliminary round of ranked choice voting scores Nov. 9, neither of the leading D10 contenders...

The “Democratic Machine” myth

November 9, 2010
Okay, I read the gloating from Randy Shaw about Jane Kim defeating the "Democratic Party Machine," which, as far as I can tell, seems...

Election 2010: Wiener confident in D8, but Mandelman not giving up

November 2, 2010
The mood was buoyant in Harvey’s bar in the Castro, where D8 supervisorial candidate Scott Wiener had 54 percent of the vote in early...

Election 2010: Wait is on for Labor-Dems

November 2, 2010
Labor Council executive director Tim Paulson isn't quite ready to give up the ghost on this one, despite a reported 196 Republican seats already...

Willie Brown and accusations of machine politics in D6

October 14, 2010
A political mailer promoting progressive supervisorial candidate Jane Kim was funded primarily by former Mayor Willie Brown through a campaign committee that Kim consultant...

Lacy’s face disfigured on Dem/Labor doorhanger

October 11, 2010
With only three weeks to go until the election. the dirty campaign tricks get stickier.Top of the list of dirty tricks this week is...

Get a clue, Randy Shaw

October 6, 2010
I read BeyondChron every day, and Randy Shaw, who operates the site, and Paul Hogarth, his managing editor, often have interesting commentary. But I’m...

Downtown money hits district races

October 1, 2010
Downtown cash is pouring into the district supervisorial races.Ethics Department filings show that an alliance backed by the Chamber of Commerce, the SF Police...

DCCC endorsements — how the hell did this happen?

September 9, 2010
Everyone knew that the DCCC, the endorsing arm of the San Francisco Democratic Party, would have trouble choosing candidates in the heavily contested D. 10...

Farewell, Mayor Michael Cohen

August 19, 2010
No one who has been closely tracking the shipyard development will be surprised that Michael Cohen. Mayor Gavin Newsom's top economic advisor, is leaving...

Eating humble pie with Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde

August 18, 2010
It was with a sinking feeling that I read the comments that Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde’s supporters left on the Guardian's website last week,...

Democrats divided

DCCC endorses progressive supervisorial candidates and rejects Newsom ballot measures

D. 10 candidate Malia Cohen opposes death penalty

August 11, 2010
It’s relief to discover that D. 10 candidate Malia Cohen does not support the death penalty.  Confusion over her stance arose yesterday, thanks to...

What DCCC questionnaires reveal about Adachi reform, sit-lie and marijuana

August 10, 2010
The DCCC makes its endorsements for the November election on August 11. And in preparation for that crucial endorsement, candidates filled out questionnaires that...

DCCC endorsements will test progressive unity

August 10, 2010
When the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee convenes tomorrow (Aug. 11) evening to vote on its endorsements for the November races and ballot...

The politics of unity and division

Why does Newsom keep stabbing the progressive Democrats whose support he needs?

Legal Brahmins organize against Nava

July 30, 2010
Some of the most prominent lawyers in San Francisco, including two high-ranking judges, have launched a full-scale political campaign to protect Judge Richard Ulmer,...

Newsom’s budget and DCCC hypocrisy

Hypocrisy hung thickly in the air at City Hall today as Mayor Gavin Newsom refused to responsively address glaring contradictions on a pair of...

DCCC seats are fine for Newsom, just not supervisors

Mayor Gavin Newsom is seeking to be seated on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee when it swears in newly elected members tonight,...

Powder keg

The voters are furious -- but are they madder at government or big business? That question could define the next political era

Following Recology’s $$$ to Environment Commission and DCCC

June 18, 2010
If you've been looking for a financial connection between the city's tentative decision to award the next landfill disposal contract to Recology, which plans...

Newsom’s plan for DCCC domination

June 18, 2010
Gavin's not quite ready to take over the world, or even California, but he's not leaving office without trying to mess up the progressive...

Voters are pissed

Sorting out the results of a primary election that showcased a restive electorate