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Collaborative Consumption

Uber wants to be the Vegas of gay weddings, only even faster

In their frantic desire to be first with the next big thing and to grab market share by any means necessary, tech companies often...

Renting isn’t sharing

Share conference outlines the possibilities and pitfalls for a new economy at the crossroads

Local journalists starting to catch onto Airbnb’s subversion of SF’s rental market

Airbnb and other so-called “shared housing” sites allow hundreds of rent-controlled apartments in San Francisco to be essentially removed from the housing...

Into thin air

"Shareable housing" is causing apartments to vanish from SF's rental market — yet popular, profitable sites like Airbnb violate local laws

The hype, reality, and accountability of collaborative consumption

Collaborative consumption, aka the shareable economy – the labels given to a new generation of Internet-based companies that facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges of goods and...

What’s ours?

A brief exchange with Collaborative Lab's Lauren Anderson

Bank your time

In the face of economic collapse, Bay Area Community Exchange turns labor into cash-free currency

The problem with the sharing economy

Airbnb seemed so simple — but collaborative consumption can raise complex issues

We and Mr. Jones

GREEN ISSUE: Ousted White House green jobs adviser Van Jones is ready for more people power -- and to Rebuild the Dream

Sharing economy and the city’s share

San Franciscans love to share: our homes and workspaces, our cars and bikes, our tools and the road, and sometimes even our lovers. But...