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Progressive supervisors block mayoral appointments

UPDATED: Progressives on the Board of Supervisors have finally started to push back on Mayor Gavin Newsom for his petulant refusal to vacate Room...

Beating the reaper

S.F.'s clean energy program clears a key milestone in its race against Prop. 16

Buying power

How PG&E and Mercury Insurance are spending millions to try to trick Californians into voting for corporate interests

The people vs. corporate power

June ballot showcases the lopsided struggle against big money interests

SF seeks green power alternatives to PG&E

By Steven T. Jones and Rebecca Bowe With a unanimous vote by the Board of Supervisors today, San Francisco took a big step into the...

PG&E’s spooky stories headed to your mailbox

By Rebecca Bowe and Rachel Sadon At a Halloween-themed press conference on the steps of City Hall this afternoon, Supervisors Bevan Dufty and Ross Mirkarimi...

LAFCo and SFPUC joint meeting: The clock is ticking

By Rebecca Bowe In the next few years, San Francisco residents will have the opportunity to switch to electricity that is publicly owned, more...

Nip it in the bud

Supervisors condemn PG&E ballot measure

PG&E attacks consumer choice

The ability of cities to switch to public power could be eliminated if a proposed state ballot initiative moves forward

Energy deficiency

Green Issue: Utilities miss energy efficiency goals but seek more public funds anyway

Clean Power SF will take center stage at joint meeting

By Rebecca Bowe Last Friday, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi declared 2009 the “make-or-break year” for San Francisco’s ambitious Community Choice Aggregation program. Also known as Clean...

PG&E’s blank check to exceed $10 million

By Steven T. Jones Pacific Gas & Electric has shattered previous campaign spending records by giving more than $9.7 million in cash and services to...

Newsom and the Clean Energy Act

A perfect vehicle for a mayor who wants to stand out as a candidate for governor of California

SOS: Vote here on phony PG&E poll

By Bruce B. Brugmann (Scroll down to vote against PG&E and for the Clean Energy Act) Already, even before the supervisors approve...

The dirty fight over clean power

PG&E works to thwart a renewable public power measure

Running on empty

The San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force explores life after fossil fuels — an era that may be coming sooner than most people think

Solar man

Can Burning Man leave a legacy of renewable energy?

No more dam discussion

EDITORIAL The state Department of Water Resources released a long-awaited study July 19 concluding that restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley would cost at least $3...