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Community not criminalization

 By María Poblet OPINION San Francisco is poised to break ground in defense of immigrants, an important step towards turning the tide against the criminalization of communities of color.In a unanimous vote on September...

Endorsements 2013

Stop the 8 Washington project! No, no, no on B, no on C, yes on A, re-elect Hererra. Our guide to the Nov. 5 elections

LAFCo should launch CleanPowerSF

OPINION Last month, the Mayor's Office and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) — largely at the mayor's behest — refused to launch CleanPowerSF, a program which is absolutely crucial to leading the country...

Pelosi defies history and her district

OPINION How is it that, despite deep congressional opposition to an American-led war on Syria, the representative for one of the nation's most progressive districts, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, has been among President...

Fulfill MLK’s dream of a guaranteed income

OPINION Today, Aug. 28, we mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech at the March on Washington. But we are sobered by the fact that 46 million citizens...

Can we get an amen?

OPINION Senior and Disability Action recently learned of the outcome of the case of the elder who was killed in a collision with a bicyclist in the city's Castro District. The victim, 71 year...

Compromises deliver results

OPINION When Guardian Editor Steven T. Jones asked me to respond to his recent columns ("Chiu becomes City Hall's go-to guy for solving tough problems", 7/23/13; "Chiu: Centrist Compromiser, Effective Legislator, or Both," 7/30/13),...

Stand up for the little guy

OPINION Last week, my partner and I journeyed early one morning to Sacramento to sign documents at the Secretary of State. We did this to take the very personal step of opening my campaign...

Guiding the Guardian

Community forum and reader input help launch a new era

Plan Bay Area: better, but it still gentrifies

By Peter Cohen and Fernando Martí Council of Community Housing OrganizationsOPINION On July 18, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) adopted the region's first so-called "sustainable communities...

City College will appeal

"City College neither ignored nor fought ACCJC's recommendations, as many people wish we had."

Parents, behind bars

New programs acknowledge that strengthening the parent-child bond reduces recidivism

Transforming Pride in our schools

It takes more than a one-time discussion or film screening to support queer youth

Developers should pay — on time

It's boom time -- a good moment to end bust-time business breaks 

When the Coastal Commission fails

"Fornicators" are far from the only losers in the Beach Chalet soccer complex deal

Keep the focus on real estate

Shift gentrification-blame from the hipsters to City Hall

The meaning of Manning

What to take from SF Pride's bumblings and shut-outs? Maybe we're not so equal, after all

Tech workers aren’t all evil

Smashing the Google bus piñata was a bit much

Behind the attacks on City College

How's CCSF doing after last year's sanctions? The update you need to hear

A call to arms

OPINION No one can deny that the San Francisco of the new dot-com boom is a scary place to live. Rents are astronomical: $2,353 is the median rent for a one-bedroom in the Bayview,...

The ride-share parasites

A cab driver makes the case against deregulation

Making CEQA work

Appeals are great when it comes to public projects -- but there's got to be some limits

Why CEQA matters

By Arthur Feinstein and Alysabeth AlexanderOPINION Is now the time to significantly weaken San Francisco's most important environmental law? When our world is facing the greatest environmental threats ever experienced, why is there a...