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Volume 45 Number 07

Appetite: Thanksgiving wine recommendations

You received the assignment to bring the wine for Thanksgiving... maybe not as difficult as cooking a turkey, but you want to bring something...

Appetite: Indy Spirits Expo poured it on

This year's Indy Spirits Expo, which took place 11/17, was much improved since last year's inaugural festivity, though crammed into the cool, brick-walled nightclub...

Joystick to the world

Holiday Guide: Gifts for your favorite gamers

Spread the warm fuzzies

Holiday Guide: Opportunities for volunteers and budding philanthropists

50 cute-as-heck gifts for $10 and under

Holiday Guide: Feeling broke this season? We help ease your shopping woes

Return to me

Adia Tamar Whitaker explores her identity in the exceptional Ampey!

45 sessions

With a little help from Finland, Myron & E bring sweet Bay Area soul to the vinyl grooves

Appetite: Highlights from the Single Malt Extravaganza

I wasn't sure what to expect at Tuesday night's Single Malt Extravaganza at the Intercontinental Hotel, with the welcome giveaway of Romeo y Julieta and...

East Bay studs

Machismo? It's complicated in David Cale's Palomino and Impact's The Play About the Naked Guy

Drawn and quartered

Dysfunction is the law of the land in "Nine Nation Animation"

Volume 45 Number 7 Flip-through Edition

To browse: click pages or use the arrow buttons above. To search: open the PDF in full screen mode first and then use the...

Shoot ’em up

Cold War globe-hopping from Cuba to Russia, Laos, and Vietnam in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Reel around the practice space

Magic Bullets hears a new world, while paying the rent in this one

30-minute ride

On Invocation, KIT goes organic and faces the darkness and the light

Hungary for more

The Roxie offers a rare Kornél Mundruczó double feature

Ode to a N-Owl

Tender is the night train: Sean Price, Ill-Esha, Dubstep Beat Battle, Nerd Nite, Radioactivity, Simian Mobile Disco, and more great parties this week


A pizza oven in a seafood house? Skool gives a lesson in intriguing, if sometimes overwhelming, synergy

Jail bait

Go ahead  -- oil your countertop with your elbows! The grab some udon at Live Sishi Bistro

alt.sex.column: Wham bam

Dear Andrea,I'm almost 40 and a newlywed. I was a virgin! Unfortunately, sex has not been good for me. His heart races, he sweats....

America’s original sin

Jens Hoffmann finishes his trilogy of literary group shows with a strong take on a Twain classic

Free parking

From traditional to classical to contemporary to avant-garde to downright insane -- performing arts space the Garage holds a little bit of everything

Delta death

California has spent more than $10 billion on water projects that are contributing to the death of San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento Delta -- a special report

Down on the farm

How California water policy wiped out highly productive farming and fishing on one delta island

How California exports water

Did the great California drought of 2009 really happen?