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Volume 45 Number 05

Volume 45 Number 5 Flip-through Edition

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Spotlights, please! Our 22nd annual Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Awards celebrate the best and brightest in Bay Area arts and culture


A home for perfect guitar pop, stronger than ever after 20 years

GOLDIES 2010: Amy Seiwert

Quite possibly the Bay Area's most original dance thinker, creating a 21st century lingo of the body

GOLDIES 2010 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Rick and Megan Prelinger

Basically anyone with a curious, creative mind can lose themselves in the Alexandrian delights of the Prelinger Library

GOLDIES 2010: Jennifer Locke

Presenting immediate spectacles that are undeniably seductive in a punk-rock sort of way

GOLDIES 2010: Ruth Laskey

A deft use of weft and warp to create color forms in which minimalism and materiality intersect

GOLDIES 2010: Christopher Kuckenbaker

Bringing graceful work and alternately intense and quirky looks to the stage

GOLDIES 2010: Hunx and his Punx

Devoted to rock and trash pop culture, blending garage and bedroom


A creative maven who has been an integral part of the city's cultural fabric for decades

GOLDIES 2010: Jesse Hewit/Strong Behavior

A unique artist and part of a tight-knit, bold, savvy, young, and mostly queer milieu

GOLDIES 2010: Joshua Grannell

Offering cinematic odes to schlocky gore and bloody camp

GOLDIES 2010: Amanda Curreri

Interpolating the political and the personal, while making art that crosses out of the art world

GOLDIES 2010: DJ Bus Station John

The bearded musical conduit for a huge gay cultural reawakening to the pre-AIDS era

GOLDIES 2010: Ramón Ramos Alayo

Using song, music, visuals, and narration to create theatrically potent works that include Afro-Cuban, modern, folkloric, and popular dance styles

GOLDIES 2010: Said Adelekan

A standard bearer of quality house music who delicately flaunts his Nigerian roots

Epic Bush crawl, part 2

Keep your knucklehead down while breaking Doritos with the regulars at some choice Bush Corridor dives

Another Monkey

Bringing an intensity and flair to traditional Thai dishes as well as to innovative ones

Pork in a storm

Torn among dumplings and a visit with Kayday to T-28

alt.sex.column: Waiting for ….

andrea@altsexcolumn.comDear Readers:I was at the San Francisco Sex Information conference recently, where once again there wasn't enough time to cover the intriguing (and frustratingly...

Calls for justice

Will the former BART cop who shot Oscar Grant spend time behind bars?

Train tangle

High-speed rail funds earmarked for Central Valley

The attack on Latinos

As long as the nation lacks comprehensive immigration reform, laws similar to Arizona's SB1070 will continue to be introduced across the country.

Locals for hire

Supervisors consider requiring contractors to do more local hiring just as the UC hospital breaks ground in Mission Bay