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Volume 44 Number 38

Appetite: More intriguing June openings

Skool, Roam, and Spice Kit roar out of the gate

Appetite: Intriguing June openings

Prospect, Saison, and Hooker's Sweet Treats draw us in at first taste

Volume 44 Number 38 Flip-through Edition

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Appetite: Elizabeth Falkner’s fantastic new dessert menu at Bubble Lounge

Elizabeth Falkner is easily one of the widely acknowledged pastry greats in the US and chef of two SF restaurants, including Citizen Cake, which...

I want it that way

A gay love letter to the Backstreet Boys

Put on a happy face

Paul Rudnick's tonics for gay solemnity lack fizz at New Conservatory

Dressed in black

Dee Dee of the Dum Dum Girls sounds off on love and everything

Pulp vicious

The Killer Inside Me sparks controversy — with good reason

Sonny dearest

The Duplass Brothers meld movie stars and mumblecore in Cyrus

Inflated meaning

Hirokazu Koreeda's tender Air Doll

Heirloom Cafe

A Mission addition whose cooking is as elegant and understated as its interior design

Peripheral vision

Liss Fain melds active intelligence and full-bodied physicality

CompStat vs. community policing

Proposed ballot measure triggers debate over what principles should guide SFPD

Danger zone

A proposal to privatize jail health services comes with a potentially steep cost to inmates and the public

Your big queer week

THE QUEER ISSUE: Hop on your rainbow unicorn and ride through Pride with these sparkling parties, rallies, performances, and events

25 ideas for our queer future

THE QUEER ISSUE: Gaze into the future of the gays -- LGBTQ leaders, artists, and activists offer their visions for what lies ahead. Plus our 2010 Hot Pink List!


THE QUEER ISSUE: Our annual list of queers we adore -- and their ideas for our queer future

Go … Germany?

All World Cup soccer matches sound like bees

How SF can get $50 million a year from PG&E

The state Legislature should mandate that all perpetual utility franchises increase every year by the cost of living index

In defense of Bay to Breakers

For 99 years, Bay to Breakers has been lifting the city's spirits, bringing fun, tax revenue, and millions of tourism dollars to San Francisco

Editor’s Notes

THE QUEER ISSUE: Isn't the whole point of a midlife crisis to change everything before it's too late?