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Volume 44 Number 23

Volume 44 Number 23 Flip-through Edition

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Urethra, frankly

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I have always had an interest in inserting thin objects into my urethra, and now manage a large-diameter pencil. It really feels thrilling,...

Claire, clearly

So much still to be found on Lost

Feel the ‘Love

Rosily buzzing U.K. outfit the Big Pink gets it, Carly Simon and all

Music mitzvah

Jewish Music Festival turns 25 with a crosscultural lineup

Place of refuge?

Just Like Us is a story for Colorado and SF

Work it!

The "New Creole Culture" of Yvan Rodic's Facehunter dances around the G word

Wild yonder

Going the distance with remarkable flicks Sweetgrass and Let Each One Go Where He May

Raya’s light

Film dreams and the state of Independencia


Quick takes on the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

Hop on the St. Patty’s wagon

Our guide to getting green, in a good way


Reinventing the steakhouse with subtle attention to beef and uncommon accompaniments

Creativity continuum

Hope Mohr Dance spans decades for its third home season

Cooled and pickled

Diving into the wreck -- with Mr. Pickles!

Ghost ship

SFIAAFF's experimental short Scrap Vessel plumbs the depths of the unknown

Informing the public

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ISSUE: James Madison Freedom of Information Award winners fight the power

SOC it to ’em

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ISSUE: Will the city's Sunshine Ordinance finally get some much-needed teeth?

Waste of paper

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ISSUE: Ethics Commission system for routing out political corruption doesn't work, but it could easily be fixed

A very different approach to the sit-lie law

Most experts recognize that the criminal justice system for youths has failed, and putting people in jail for a nonviolent crime doesn't make a lot of sense.

Some teeth for the sunshine law

After 17 years, the Ordinance still isn't working

Editor’s Notes

Some intense, ongoing political action has to come out of the exciting and wonderful Day of Action