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Volume 41 Number 40

July 4 – July 10, 2007

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Tune in, turn on, “Psych-Out”

A filmed-in-the-Haight fable about Summer of Love hippies doing, like, hippie stuff, man

What comes around

In The Cycle Plays, Theatre of Yugen looks to uncover a spirit in every tone

“Bella” epic

Anna Bella Eema is engaging and magical


We winced big-time hearing about Mark Osegueda's recent gouge

Midnight Specialists

The joys of cult flicks after dark

Midnight movie memories

A brief, hazy, and far-from-official SF history

Porn in pairs

The best pairings are food, wine, and connections to other people

Late Night Picture Show

Clay Theatre hits its midnight stride

The new midnight

Will The Thrill will thrill you at Thrillville

Midnight Specialists: Midnight Mass

The queen of midnight movies in SF: Peaches Christ

Midnight Specialists: Midnites For Maniacs

The king of midnight movies in SF: Jesse Hawthorne Ficks

Ball of fire

In praise of Barbara Stanwyck

Free William

Drummer and composer William Hooker follows his bliss

Toolin’ around the Bay

Crunk legend Pastor Troy signs with Bay Area label for Tool Muziq

Kabul City

Dinner at the Blowback Café

To get to the other side


Up there

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea, I'm a muff-diving dyke, sort of. The first few times with my new girlfriend, I enjoyed her taste. However, most recently she tasted...

Never mind the steampunk

Can't our devices be pretty and practical?

Citizen planning

Western SoMa task force gathers community input as it seeks to become a grassroots success story

The truth about housing money

Care Not Cash was supposed to pay for itself

Web Site of the Week


Green City: People versus death monsters

The danger of the Panhandle/Golden Gate intersection

The golf club

Privatization plan raises concerns about cronyism and giving away public resources

The ethics of Ethics

The ethics of Ethics: Campaign finance watchdog growls at a grassroots treasurer while cutting deals with professional handlers