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Volume 40 Number 35

May 31 – June 6, 2006

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A simple, fair tenant bill

  A simple, fair tenant bill   Legislation that would ban landlords from arbitrarily eliminating services or restricting access to common space in residential units is likely...

Dastardly dailies

The Chronicle does its regular election-season hit pieces on the most liberal candidates

Ma’s moneybags

Burton-funded independent expenditures launch late hit pieces on Reilly

Cloud 8

› le_chicken_farmer@yahoo.com CHEAP EATS I had pretty much settled on spending a quiet night at home with a big bowl of...

San Francisco Black Film Festival

REVIEW Other local fests may grab more attention, but the ever-growing San Francisco Black Film Festival, now in its eighth year, is well worth...

Ficks’s picks (and one no-pick) at Cannes

1. John Cameron Mitchell's midnight premiere of his sensitively X-rated Shortbus not only roused the Palais's audience to a 15-minute standing ovation (a legendary feat); it brought out...

Shooting the shit


Passion plays

Powerful writers and equally intense actors play a vital part in Campo Santo's success, 10 years on

Life’s a Giant Drag

And it doesn't help if you write song titles like "You Fuck like My Dad"

Beast of the Bay

What better song to toast 6/6/06 than Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast"?

Howlin’ at the sun

› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER Something wicked this way came, right in the middle of last week's spate of strangely beautiful, beastly hot days,...

Pride of Frankenstein

"As Sure as My Name Is Boris Karloff" honors horror's enduring icon

New Wests

› jksfbg@aol.com California is a tragic country — like Palestine, like every Promised Land. — Christopher Isherwood FREQUENCIES Last...

Cloud 8

› le_chicken_farmer@yahoo.com CHEAP EATS I had pretty much settled on spending a quiet night at home with a big bowl of popcorn and...

Forget me not

› paulr@sfbg.com The server who performs from memory is either a virtuoso or a show-off — and more likely the latter, experience suggests,...

Umlaut with that?

› paulr@sfbg.com A friend from LA said, upon stepping into Lettüs Café Organic, "I feel like I'm back in LA. On Rodeo ...

{Empty title}

May 31-June 6 ARIES March 21-April 19 Hmmm, what’s this opportunity we’re detecting in your sphere this week,...

Crisis on infinite Earths

› omegamutant@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION This is really embarrassing. Last week I started crying while I was reading a comic book on the StairMaster at...

Newsom loses control

Mayor Gavin Newsom, who fancies himself a solution-oriented pragmatist, has allowed the supervisors to take over the urban policy agenda

Love bites

As any George Romero fan knows, it's utterly impossible to contain a zombie invasion. No San Francisco–set discussion of reanimated corpses should go without...

Blood brothers

DIY filmmakers Rick Popko and Dan West pursue guts and glory


› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: When my husband and I first got together in our mid 40s 10 years ago, he was fairly adventurous...

Ballot-box alliance

Proposition A brings progressives and communities of color together - finally