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Mutant dance met no-wave noise in the hands of Toy Killers

Hater aid

The Year in Music 2008: I Hate New Music, but does new music suck?

Industrial strength

Few bands inspire as many different reactions as Slovenian collective Laibach

At the Gates again

The Gothenburg band returns from the dead -- to rock

Earth, here and now

The Seattle group grounds itself in twang and drone

Sun City Girls still shine

Alan and Richard Bishop present "The Brothers Unconnected"

Zen and the art of extreme-metal maintenance

Meditating on Meshuggah and music that transcends lousy cover art

Fresh flowers, warm waters

Charles Lloyd's journey within and without

How you hate me now?

Pushing buttons with G.G. Allin and Negativland

Deep digs into rock’s catalogue

The "Under Review" DVD series looks at the music behind rock's drama

Sickness in short order

Neil Hamburger is served up with a side of yucks

Sexy transmissions

Sublime Frequencies issue more transcendent sounds — and images — from across the pond

Music for nothing

Two jaded rock fans take their ears — and sanity — to the max and tune in to 95.7 Max FM in a 24-hour listening orgy featuring a computer playing "whatever it wants, whenever it feels like it"

“Fab Mab Reunion”

› a&eletters@sfbg.com April 8, Fillmore LOCAL LIVE "Typical Flipper," Flipper frontperson Bruce Loose quipped at one point during the...

Eat the old

December 1, 2005
THERE'S NOTHING LIKE  in-the-moment enthusiasm to make you lose critical perspective. I can think of a hundred albums that have excited me to the...