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Manufacturing Frida

To see 'Frida Kahlo' at the SF MOMA is to know her?

Doing it naturally

Bay Area Now: Donald Fortescue And Lawrence Labianca take to the tides

Timothy Horn: Bitter Suite

Sparkling with sugar crystals and enormous glass-blown forms

“Matt Gil: Reel to Real”

A nonstop catwalk of coffee-tabletop-size ceramic forms parading in a loop

“You Make Me Make You”

Suzanne Husky documents life in huggable 3-D

“Written on Spiders”

Berlin's Starship collective lands on all eights

Mighty morphin’ power ranger

Christian Maychack's mutating pieces challenge the boundaries of time, space, physics

Air play

The natural history of Bay Area artist Ruth Asawa

They rule — and drool

Clown cars riddle the work of leonardogillesfleur