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Time and space pilot

Electro-composer Amon Tobin returns from the future with ISAM -- and an alien, next-level stage show

Live shots: Ladytron at the Regency Ballroom

September 26, 2011
There are not a whole lot of degrees between cool and being cold. On record, Ladytron has always affected a certain disaffected air, and...

Flush with tips

A look at the world of the 21st-century bathroom attendant

A public apology for recommending the recent Madlib live DJ set

February 8, 2011
When you recommend an event, you're basically telegraphing expectations on an artist's body of work. However, there is risk involved with live...

Landmark to loudness

Happy Sanchez keeps the secrets beneath the noise in Secret Studios

Killing Casiotone: Owen Ashworth says goodbye — and looks ahead

December 4, 2010
Owen Ashworth is on the phone with me, explaining his decision to retire Casiotone for the Painfully Alone:“Definitely something has changed in me the...

Drawn and quartered

Dysfunction is the law of the land in "Nine Nation Animation"

Reel around the practice space

Magic Bullets hears a new world, while paying the rent in this one

The designer as performer

Fair Enough breaks through concert projection clichés to bring vision to Nosaj Thing's sound