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Style Paige: Caplet cute

January 5, 2012
While walking down Valencia Street towards 19th Street, I stopped Erica because she was just too caplet cute. Her camel colored jacket paired with...

10 places to eat and drink on Christmas Day

From luxe cocktails with a view to garlic noodles on the cheap -- restaurants that keep doors open for wandering pilgrims and Scrooge alike

Style Paige: Retrofit Republic’s vintage flair

December 23, 2011
Wedged between two clothing stores in San Francisco, a narrow alley leads to the home of Jenny Ton and Julie Rhee, a.k.a. the alternative...

10 places to eat and drink on Christmas Day

December 22, 2011
Because you and yours might be itching for something other than ham, sweet potatoes, and intense family time, we here present a list of...

Last-minute gift guide

You don't have to slide down that chimney empty handed!

Style Paige: Homeless youth show off their designing chops

December 13, 2011
Five fashion-minded homeless youth – two men and three women  – had two hours to complete a fashion challenge using only donated clothing and...

Style Paige: Be funneled

December 9, 2011
Well-dressed men always make me a little weak in the knees. What can I say; I’m a sucker for fashion. But in a city...

Style Paige: Does this go together?

December 7, 2011
Don’t you wish there was a how-to-guide on how to mix and match patterns properly? How do you really know if that leopard and...

Garage, rocked: Pacific Brewing Laboratories moves beyond nanobrewing with three pub events

December 6, 2011
The owners of Pacific Brewery Laboratories are taking the first step from nanobrewery to brewpub by moving beyond their underground SoMa garage brewpub and...

Style Paige: Sneaking peeks at the studio of Peeko Apparel

November 30, 2011
While browsing through the handmade scarves and mixed stone necklaces on Etsy, I came across Peeko Apparel, a women’s indie fashion brand with daring...

Style Paige: Favorite finds at this year’s Thread

November 23, 2011
Mesmerized by crystals and semi-precious stones, every necklace on the table was like a shiny new object fighting for my attention. “Hi, how are...

Gifts with grace

HOLIDAY GUIDE 2011: Sure they're perfect for your pals -- but these presents also give back to the community

Holiday gift guide

HOLIDAY GUIDE 2011: 27 local presents for $10 and under to kickstart your holiday shopping spree

Style Paige: Crushing on velvet

October 18, 2011
At Otis Lounge on a Thursday night when the bar's eclectic crowd was enjoying the mellow party atmosphere, Kaz walked in with a quiet...

Spike salute: Showing love for Mission High volleyball team

October 14, 2011
When head coach Geraldine Poon and assistant coach Kris Thomas got involved with Mission High School’s volleyball program two years ago, their goal was...

Get used: Your retro fix is waiting at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire

October 12, 2011
That inevitable turn of the seasons is fast approaching. Perhaps you've already had one of those moments when, standing in front of your closet,...

Style Paige: h.Naoto’s Gothic glam (finally) makes it to the States

October 11, 2011
For Nikki Azuma, Japanese fashion is a lifestyle. The 28-year-old  has been obsessing over Japanese fashion for years, admiring the clothing through fashion magazines...

Style Paige: Tie-dye your hair

October 3, 2011
It’s temporary, it’s original, and it's a fly summer style that can transition into fall. Even better, you probably learned how to do it...

Taking sit-lie lying down: Graduate student beds down on Haight Street

October 3, 2011
Some things seem strange even for San Francisco. The pedestrian double take was in full effect at the Haight Street curb where Bennett Austin...

Style Paige: Welcome Stranger rides the Hayes Valley range

September 29, 2011
Follow Paige A. Ricks as she paws through local designers, boutiques, and street trends. Her first SFBG feature focuses on high end Western wear...