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Thank you later

YEAR IN MUSIC: This year, hip-hop experienced a major renaissance — and underground troubles

45 sessions

With a little help from Finland, Myron & E bring sweet Bay Area soul to the vinyl grooves

Don’t stop this crazy thing

Ninja Tune XX traces Coldcut's path through decades of sampledelia

Smoker’s delight

"Waken Baken" headliner Wiz Khalifa loves the green, while Yelawolf is ready to rock

High on arrival

Curren$y strikes one up for traditionalism on Pilot Talk

Dipped in blackness

What lives within the mysterious Shabazz Palaces

I, in the sky

Ariel Pink: the myth, the former solitary man, and the current group leader

The residue

B.o.B and an era of hip-hop that's pop, pop, and more pop

Keep the faith

Little Dragon escapes the R&B-according-to-hipsters pitfall

Endless hookup

Away from the turntable and into the pop skips-and-jumps of the Hood Internet

New New Orleans

Gotta shake at the party-riot — Galactic's got supafunkrock and sissy bounce

Welcome to violence

Madlib, now in his hardcore phase, hands out sonic pamphlets like a prophet of doom

The breakdown

DECADE IN MUSIC: A hyped-up digital decade stung by its own long tail

Gone, here

The promises of yesterday and tomorrow through Sa-Ra and Shafiq Husayn

The sky is his

Dam-Funk pilots a Sylver-streaked 21st-century G-funk trek to the heavens

Collective growth

After 11 years and many manifestations, the sound of Anticon still travels

Sweeter than

Phonte and Nicolay of the Foreign Exchange are smooth and soulful — but that doesn't mean soft

De La Soul is alive

Two takes on 3 Feet High and Rising, 20 years later

Stoned love

Kid Cudi brings "dat new new" to pop's Babylon

Kode 9, Spaceape

A hybridization of 2-step garage, jungle breaks at half-speed and good ol' ragga

Kingston nights

Major Lazer's language of bounce comes to the Spectrum Festival

Musical, political, alchemical

Ms. Amerykah graduates from neo-soul with a master piece

Ding dong, Wicked Witch is alive

AFRO-SURREAL: The lost sounds of D.C. machine funk are revived

More meaner, more cleaner

Fool's Gold bridges the pop girl and DJ nerd divide with viral hits a-plenty