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Hurting herders

Tuya's Marriage comments on capitalism

Frameline 32: Anti-pity party

A Horse is not a Metaphor is not a disease film


The agony of youth, adequately related by a Norwegian

Cross-cultural cosmology

Dark Matter: a film about Asian immigrants like no other

SFIFF: Fierce perm

Robert Towne still knows how to give an award-winning Shampoo

Wong takes wrong turn

Norah Jones helps derail mystifyingly titled My Blueberry Nights


Surfers in love

Positive space

Heinz Emigholz constructs and explores an architecture of cinema

Deja vu, times two

Last Year at Marienbad continues to bewitch and bewilder

Ode to Jean-Pierre Léaud

Another look at the eternal boy of the French new wave

It goes to 11 (and beyond)

MadCat celebrates the vitality of female artists

Domestic disturbance

Emotion trumps class in Live-In Maid

Faithfully unfaithful

Love and friendship in Melville's Le Doulos

The closer you get

The deeper mysteries of Abbas Kiarostami's films become apparent

Give a hoot (or else)

Berkeley's Pacific Film Archives' film series gives environmental concerns the depth Gore's film avoided

Night of 1,000 sexploits

A Q&A with lezsploitation maven Michelle Johnson

Oh Mickey, you’re so lame

"F@ck Mickey Mouse" shows precursors that beat Disney to the punch, imitators that ripped him off, and parodies that made fun of him