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Kandia Crazy Horse

Songs of flesh and faith

Revelations from Josh T. Pearson, last of the genuine country gentlemen

In the Whispering Pines

 L.A.'s singing cowboys and sistagirls ride the tide of roots revival

Son of the source

Jonathan Wilson and California as muse

Out of the blue

And into the black -- renaissance via Neil Young's Archives

Ain’t I a werewolf?

AFRO-SURREAL: Diaspora consciousness in the Underworld trilogy

Electric gypsies

A Day in the Life charts the decline of the West and the search for another country

Sisters from another planet

Labelle reignites their silver streak with the testamental Back to Now

Great northern

Singer-Songwriter Issue: Serena Southam conjures that old-timey magic

Scramble for Africa 3.0

Indie bands lead the charge in sonic imperialism

Flowers for Kathleen Edwards

Happy trails to the Canadian roots rocker

Singing the cyber blues

Less the "black Björk" than heir to Arthur Lee's black rock throne, Janelle Monaé preps for blastoff

Outlaw representation

Richard Bruce Nugent's Gentleman Jigger sprawls forward

Alone again, or

Stew & Lightspeed Champion evoke the Afro-Baroque between the boom-bip bip and the ballot

Freedom is a ’69 Dodge

Paul Thorn's homespun poetics shoot straight from the heart and the briar patch

Digging the new-old roots

The Carolina Chocolate Drops take black string-band music back to the mountaintop

A shot from the Sahel

Tinariwen's songs of struggle

Liege and grief

Rufus Wainwright seeks safe haven

Digital Venuses

UK pop starlets vie for America's heart of darkness

The nu sincerity

If you prick ’em, they bleed