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Tooth and consequences

Americans can't afford dental care, so they're fleeing to risky clinics across the border

G-Spot: Getting girls

What a supposed sex cult can teach you about women — and yourself

‘Tis the season for getting even

Create a celebration that makes your family as uncomfortable as theirs makes you

Scavenging’s new spirit

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of freebies in San Francisco

Feast: 7 slop shops for functioning alcoholics

Our mayor isn't the only one who (allegedly) leads a Jekyll-and-Hyde life of steadfast labor and drunken debauchery. It seems most San Franciscans are...

Talkin’ bout their generation

Racing for the stage at the Summer of Love 40th Anniversary

Second nightlife

Virtual clubbing saved my skinny white hipster ass. Maybe

Learning from sexperts

A young journalist gets an education in smut

G-string journey

A whirlwind Sunday afternoon tour of San Francisco strip clubs

Careers and Ed: Cocktail frosh

Mixed Drinks 101: Can a two-week bartending course impart real-world pouring skills?

Spiff your licks

Our fearless correspondent brushes up on going down