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Davis should drop out

The D5 candidate should follow his own "cease and dismiss" request

The case for reinstating Mirkarimi

Three points that the Mayor would do well to heed 

Ending the mayor’s commission monopoly

We need healthy debate on the Recreation and Parks Comission to ensure the future of our play space

The unregulated cabs

Community taxi apps seem like a good idea -- but they're going to put people out of work 

Approve clean power SF

The plan's got flaws, but it's all we've got

Other options for St. Luke’s

The hospital means too much to the city to lose it

Money for SF’s public schools

Back to class, back to the unfair struggle to educate our kids

The parking fee’s too low

City streets are being rented out for a pittance

It’s time for real political dialogue

Hey politicos, take this summer break to think about what you've done

Shutting down Sunshine

Board of Supervisors drags on appointing disabled person to task force, leaving it in political limbo

What if the mayor lied?

Are we back to the bad old days? Ed Lee's potential perjury points to yes

Stop ‘stop and frisk’

Mayor Lee's new policy smacks of Arizona

The right business tax

Is it even worth launching a ballot measure campaign for $13 million?

Fixing SF’s sunshine problems

Let's take our cues from Connecticut on this one

The great car slowdown

Could lowering the speed limit help us reach our biking goal by 2020?

Don’t water down campaign laws

Eliminating the donor spending cap could spell trouble for SF democracy

Housing and highrise offices

This city has a terrible jobs-housing mix

The war on sunshine

EDITORIAL The Rules Committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors joined the war on sunshine May 17 when it rejected four qualified candidates...

Free Muni for kids makes sense

A significant reduction in car use would more than pay for youth passes

Heading East: The flight from San Francisco

Oakland's cultural ascendance is an indicator of SF's short-sighted prioritization of the rich

Reject the CPMC deal

EDITORIAL For most of the past year, Mayor Ed Lee had been taking a tough line with California Pacific Medical Center, the health-care giant...

Lee and the foreclosure crisis

Our mayor's face has been conspicuously missing from the Bernal protests

Domestic violence is not a private matter

It's a serious crime -- but calls to remove the sheriff smack of political opportunism