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Shaking the city

Chris Carlsson's new book takes on the legacy of 1960s SF

Call of the grisly

Paco Ignacio Taibo II constructs a guide to corruption in Mexico City Noir

Time travel

The Dashiell Hammett Tour leads the curious through San Francisco's alluring underbelly

St. Elvis?

John Carpenter-directed biopic Elvis resurfaces

Dames on the brain

Columbia's new two-volume, eight-film set "Bad Girls of Film Noir"

Divided world

Tamim Ansary's Destiny Disrupted exposes western blind sides in relation to Islam

Unbuckling the swashbuckler

A new bio shines a light on what Douglas Fairbanks left behind


William I. Robinson's latest outlines a mad rush toward a world where cars consume cereal

And justice for all

Brilliant, blacklisted legend Dalton Trumbo endures with a DVD release of Johnny Got His Gun

State of the movement

Antiwar activists struggle to maintain pressure for peace

Speed Reading

The Tyranny of Oil: The World's Most Powerful Industry -- and What We Must Do to Stop It

Wrecked park department

Deep proposed budget cuts to city recreation programs offer a peek into what's to come