Aug. 17 Performance SUPER VISION Between birth and death certificates, our multiple data bodies circulate in a made-up universe called the datasphere, where they are both rigorously...

Big bang

Artists embrace spirituality and their many selves at "Cosmic Wonder"

Royal Fleischer

The journeyman director makes a killing at 10 Rillington Place


JULY 14 VISUAL ART "Cosmic Wonder" Green baked goods, acid flashbacks, good times, bad trips - one expects all that and more packed into the Yerba Buena...


JUlY 6 LECTURE Peter Camejo Hear former Green Party candidate for California governor Peter Camejo talk about his new book on how corporations have taken control...

Mini mini CinemaScope!

The term CinemaScope might conjure a 2.66-to-1 vision of an extra-bodacious Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire, or, if you're a certain...

Multi-angle magic

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company gets kaleidoscopic with A Slipping Glimpse

“Dance/Screen: Innovative International Dance Films”

PREVIEW Dance on film looks flat, distorted, and without nuances, right? Yes and no. In general, dance does not take kindly to the screen....