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The mystery of La Contessa

A galleon destroyed by fire. A priceless missing statue. Welcome to one of the great mysteries of the San Francisco underground.

The Off-Guard Awards

Offies 2006: our tribute to the most pathetic moments of the year past

Unholy spirit

Oakland's Saviours prove they're metal

Blood in the water

Just as the 2007 mayor's race begins, Newsom is starting to look vulnerable — but who's running against him?

The next police chief

EDITORIAL Heather Fong is not a popular police chief these days. Nine of the 11 supervisors just rejected her proposal for staffing foot patrols...

Preparing for scary

Event planners say city officials needn't fear Halloween in the Castro

A real war on crime

OPINION Once again, with their backs against the wall, Republicans are attempting to stave off political defeat in November by playing to Americans' fears...

Oh TV, up yours!

Animal Charm, Bryan Boyce, and TV Carnage chart the outer limits of piracy

This charming Animal Charmer

No I'm not taking about the late Crocodile Hunter, I'm talking about Jim Fetterley of the duo Animal Charm. Along with Rich Bott (and...

California’s secret police

EDITORIAL If a doctor does something really terrible and is suspended from the practice of medicine, the record is public: anyone — a potential...

Bad cops walk into the shadows

A state Supreme Court ruling keeps the public from accessing records of police misconduct

Eat your politics

Local culinary sage Larry Bain's Nextcourse bridges the food divide and brings good eats to the masses

The cost of harassing the homeless

EDITORIAL Mayor Gavin Newsom, who has always talked about treating homeless people with compassion, is allowing the cops to do just the opposite —...

Homeless disconnect

Ticketing the homeless wastes millions of taxpayer dollars

Democratic madness

By Tim Redmond The Democratic County Central Committee can sometimes be a zoo, but it's no joke: The endorsement of the panel gives tremendous credibility...

Don’t call the feds

EDITORIAL It's bad enough that the federal government is aggressively infringing on the rights of three Bay Area journalists, the sovereignty of California, and...

Pup culture

Hot collars for hot dogs

Come on, Mr. Sheriff

By Tim Redmond Here's a great idea: Supervisors Tom Ammiano and Ross Mirkarmimi are pushing for a resolution that would call on the San Francisco...

How to end the violence

OPINION Despite its loss at the polls earlier this month, the spirit of Proposition A, the homicide prevention charter amendment on the June 6...


For those of you who are still trying to vote, I'm really sorry that our endorsements haven't been available, but here they are: The Clean...

Blood brothers

DIY filmmakers Rick Popko and Dan West pursue guts and glory

28 years later

Matt Gonzalez and director Stanley Nelson ponder the fate and impact of Peoples Temple and the truth behind the powerful new doc Jonestown

The I-Hotel interviews

Many lives ago, I remember standing in the back hallway of the International Hotel trying to fathom why it was that this funny, run-down...