Scraping bottom

Muni plans for layoffs, fare hikes, and service reductions meet with resistance

Missed buses

SFMTA changes Muni service to address budget shortfall

Pedaling forward

GREEN CITY: The Bicycle Plan injunction is lifted -- and crews work at a blistering pace to make the city safer for cyclists

Muni cutbacks start this weekend

By Steven T. Jones Before you wait for your usual bus or train this weekend, check here for new changes to Muni routes and schedules....

Newsom talks about taxes, bikes, and SF’s future

By Steven T. Jones Mayor Gavin Newsom, with Bike Coalition director Leah Shahum and Department of Public Works head Ed Reiskin, helped create new space...

Holiday blues

Newsom defies board's vote to restore public-health worker salaries

SF moves quickly on bike improvements

By Steven T. Jones The latest bike lane is on Mississippi Street in front of the Guardian Building. In the week since a judge freed...

SFMTA report recommends extended parking meter hours

By Steven T. Jones A just-released San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency study has recommend extending parking meter hours to Sundays and nights as a means...

Newsom reneges on parking, but the MTA shouldn’t

By Steven T. Jones The Guardian explored the politics of parking in our July 1 cover package. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which will soon...

Hacking meters

Trio cracks SF's "smart" parking meters, exposing their flaws

Shifting gears

Safer streets for cyclists cause growing pains for motorists

Turning point

Parking is quietly becoming the year's big issue

The mobility of space

Deconstructing the politics of parking in San Francisco

Cyclists cheer as SFMTA Board approves Bike Plan projects

By Rebecca Bowe San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Leah Shahum (right) and cyclist Lynn Howe moments after the SFMTA Board declared its unanimous support...

How to fix public transit

With a higher gas tax and tolls on freeways (measures a recent San Francisco Planning and Urban Research analysis shows to be among the most cost-effective policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions), we can make public transit work better

Bike Plan is on track

SFBC director Leah Shahum addressed the Land Use Committee today. Photo and story by Joe Sciarrillo The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) today quelled fears...

Street fight

Bicyclists launch aggressive campaign to complete bike network

Changing buses

Proposed Muni route changes are causing concern as decision time nears

The new Muni plan

Assessing transit effectiveness, 30 years since the last serious review

Is it me or the Marina?

Today, while walking down Union Street in the Marina in my green She-Bible mini dress, I got hit on twice in one block. And...

The Bike Issue: Behind the pack

Can San Francisco regain its leadership role in making bicycles a safe and viable transportation option?

Newsom needs to return the MTA’s money

What is Gavin looking for? A way off the train? Or a way to spend MTA money on hiring himself a climate change director? "Crashes...

SF underground

Central Subway project is moving forward despite concerns about its cost