SFIFF 52: Opening night

The scene: the Castro Theatre. The event: opening night of the 52nd annual San Francisco International Film Festival. The crowd: mob-sized. Benjamin Bratt prefers it...

SFIFF: Shots in the dark

Short takes on SFIFF

SFIFF: Tune boon

Before there was Barney or Raffi -- catchy ditties and dino-riffs at SFIFF

SFIFF: Oaktown fugue

A certain stillness inhabits Frazer Bradshaw's Everything Strange and New

SFIFF: Unhappily ever after

Bluebeard and Hansel and Gretel -- the film fest's fractured, freaky, and feminist fantasies

SFIFF: In the realms of the real

Sacred Places and Z32 -- SFIFF's unconventional docs

SFIFF: 52 pick-up

SFIFF rides again -- and features a quietly terrifying North Korea doc

Film Festival 52

Our ginormous guide to the best of the 2009 San Francisco International Film Festival

SFIFF notebook: Ludivine Sagnier x 2

By Jeffrey M. Anderson That blond firecracker Ludivine Sagnier, 28, turned up at the festival to accompany her new film A Girl Cut in...

SFIFF award winners: Up the Yangtze and Ballast

The SF International Film Festival's Golden Gate Awards ceremony took place last night. Below, Jeffrey M. Anderson sounds off on two films that nabbed...

SFIFF: A magic act from Claude Chabrol

Jeffrey M. Anderson looks at the latest sinister magic act from veteran auteur Claude Chabrol: Claude Chabrol's A Girl Cut in Two is about as...

SFIFF: The umbrellas of China

Jennique Mason weighs in on Du Haibin's Umbrella, also featured in Jeffrey M. Anderson's 'SFIFF, day ten' diary: Director Du Haibin reveals the gap between...

SFIFF, day ten: Cachao and the wow of Still Life

By Jeffrey M. Anderson Last night, Maria Bello accepted her Peter J. Owens award and hosted a screening of her new film Yellow Handkerchief. I...

SFIFF, day eight: Bed, bath and beyond the ordinary

By Jeffrey M. Anderson I love the festival's crazy Late Show selections, but sometimes I miss them. Luckily, Abel Ferrara's Go Go Tales screened for...

SFIFF, day seven: Home, Towne, and Leigh love

By Jeffrey M. Anderson Well, I wasn't able to catch up with Errol Morris this time around, and I'm bummed, but I secured an interview...

Highway 51

A road map to week two of the 51st SF International Film Festival

SFIFF, day six: Iran further away — and Errol Morris

By Jeffrey M. Anderson The SF International Film Festival has always been open to Iranian films. Festival-goers have been able to see Mohsen Makhmalbaf's 1996...

SFIFF, weekend one: city songs and auteur-itis

By Jeffrey M. Anderson The first Saturday of the SF International Film Festival is usually loaded. This year, the broad array of movies included some...

SFIFF, weekend one: Dario, Black Francis, and Roy Andersson

By Jeffrey M. Anderson I found it vaguely irresponsible, and perhaps even cruel, that the festival programmed its two most high-profile horror pictures on the...

SFIFF, day two: A golem on the horizon

By Jeffrey M. Anderson Tonight, I'm off to see Roy Andersson's You, the Living and then Frank Black's live accompaniment to 1920’s The Golem. Three...

SFIFF, day one: The world according to Asia

By Jeffrey M. Anderson This year, it's Asia Argento's festival, and we're all just invited. I've heard through the grapevine that Asia will not be...

Highway 51: The 51st SFIFF, week one

THURS/24 The Last Mistress (Catherine Breillat, France/Italy, 2007) Catherine Breillat steps back from one of her bluntest provocations -- 2006’s Anatomy of Hell -- to...

Area 51

The 51st San Francisco International Film Festival takes flight

SFIFF: Highway 51

A road map to the 51st SF International Film Festival