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Texas hotels more progressive than San Francisco’s?

Prop. J would increase San Francisco's hotel tax of 14 percent – which is lower than such big cities as Seattle, Chicago, and New...

Former employees saw problems coming at Planned Parenthood Golden Gate

This week's announcement that Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) was severing ties with Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG) came as no surprise to...

Hidden health care costs of Adachi’s pension reform measure

New information about the health care costs associated with a pension reform measure backed by Public Defender Jeff Adachi suggests that the highest cost...

Danger zone

A proposal to privatize jail health services comes with a potentially steep cost to inmates and the public

Muni workers and common sense

I'm never the one arguing that city workers should take pay cuts, furloughs, benefit cuts or layoffs when there are ways to bring in new...

SEIU wants a hearing on unseemly Ethics ouster

A day before Oliver Luby's last day at the Ethics Commission, his union has called for a hearing into why his boss removed a...

Another bloody budget

Newsom's latest budget slashes social services and would leave a long legacy of deficits

Ethics boss finally ousts Luby, a crusading public advocate

Oliver Luby has long been the most public-spirited employee of the San Francisco Ethics Commission, the one person in that office who repeatedly exposed...

Muni reform that might actually work

It ought to include three basic principles: work-rule and overtime reform; a change in the way other departments charge Muni for work orders, and a sizable new source of revenue

Muni reform that might actually work

EDITORIAL The 2007 ballot measure that was supposed to give Muni more political independence and more money has failed to provide either. It's time...

Workers rally against Newsom’s layoff scheme

By Jobert PobleteDozens of workers at San Francisco General Hospital rallied March 25 to protest layoffs there and throughout the city as ordered by...

SF leaders condemn SEIU tactics

San Franciscans seem to be turning against Service Employee International Union and its national President Andy Stern this week, first with the vote by...

SEIU members oust the old guard

In a stunning repudiation of the union leadership installed by Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern – whose autocratic style, aggressive expansion, and...

Labor’s love lost

SEIU's internal problems are rippling through San Francisco's political scene

Public employees feel blindsided by Newsom’s layoff scheme

Mayor Gavin Newsom’s proposal to lay off 10,000 city employees and rehire them at lower pay is being met with outrage by some public-sector...

Scraping bottom

Muni plans for layoffs, fare hikes, and service reductions meet with resistance

Some Muni layoffs postponed for a month

By Rebecca Bowe Two dozen Muni parking control officers (PCOs) can hold onto their jobs for another month, the Municipal Transportation Agency Board decided Tuesday....

Editor’s Notes

Oregon's winning tax startegy: Why can't we do that here?

Supes to vote on restoring DPH cuts (again)

By Rebecca Bowe This afternoon, a special meeting of the Budget & Finance Committee will be held to determine whether to take roughly $8 million...

Editor’s Notes

The women who hold the public health system together get canned, while the wealthy enjoy low taxes

Controller, in radical move, defies supes

By Tim Redmond In a move that's unprecedented in modern San Francisco history, city controller Ben Rosenfield appears poised to try to block the Board...

Inside the mayor’s office with SEIU Local 1021

By Rebecca Bowe Yesterday, around 4 p.m., 22 union members rushed into the mayor’s office (the plush reception area on the other side of those...

Chop from the top

Avalos seeks to pare management to save health care jobs

Editor’s Notes

The folks at SEIU Local 1021 have been getting the mayor's panties in a bunch lately