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San Francisco International Film Festival

Do you remember your first time?

Debut fiction features at the fest

The silver screen turns gold

The Guardian Guide to the 50th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival

Amen with a camera

Audience of One doc looks at an SF pastor who says God wants him to make a $200 million sci-fi movie

Abandoned planet

Werner Herzog's The Wild Blue Yonder trips out

Grizzly spawn

A chat with Werner Herzog

Songs of devotion

Nathaniel Dorsky finds alchemy in the dark during the light age

Goldies Film winner James T. Hong

It's rare when a filmmaker is able to match provocative themes with evocative imagery — and do it consistently. Addressing race and class issues...

Embedded: A Q&A with Iraq in Fragments director James Longley

It only takes a few minutes of watching Iraq in Fragments to recognize that the film stands apart from the Iraqumentary pack: dazzling cinematography...

Steel Will

An interview with the director of controversial Golden Gate suicide doc The Bridge

Yay Area five-oh

Fifty ways to rep film in your fall calendar

Arctic vessels

Matthew Barney serves up cold fish in Drawing Restraint 9

Festival decompress

The last few days of the San Francisco International Film Festival usually have a calmer quality, perhaps even more so this year, in the...

San Francisco International Film Festival: Week two

WED/26 *Art School Confidential (Terry Zwigoff, USA, 2005). Pulpy with a deep noirish cast, this second collabo between Ghost World director Terry Zwigoff...

The 49er

The San Francisco International Film Festival turns a corner before turning 50

Singin’ in the watermelon juice

This year's SFIFF revives the movie musical -- for better and worse

After the Revolution

In Regular Lovers, it's 1968 all over again

Tsai me up, Tsai me down

Ode to The Wayward Cloud

28 years later

Matt Gonzalez and director Stanley Nelson ponder the fate and impact of Peoples Temple and the truth behind the powerful new doc Jonestown

Deerhoof tracks…Harry Smith

This morning, I went to the press conference for the San Francisco International Film Festival (April 20-May 4) -- wunderbar to hear the appreciation...