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Hot sex events this week: Sept 30-Oct 6

Compiled by Molly Freedenberg It's all about sexy fun and subversive games at Barnaby's World of Wonderment at Castro Street Fair on Sunday. Photo by...

Running with the night

Shedding light on the "Best of Columbia Noir" retrospective

Cockburns expose the “American Casino” economy

A Q and A audio interview with co-producers Leslie and Andrew Cockburn on their remarkable new documentary, “American Casino,” opening Friday (Aug. 21)...

Frameline33 review: “Cure for Love”

By Laura Swanbeck For years cinematic satires such as Saved! (2004) and But I’m a Cheerleader (1999) have served as send-ups of extreme orthodoxy and...

Sushi sex: Japanese art porn comes to the Roxie

By Juliette Tang No one does weird art porn like the Japanese, and this week, San Francisco gets to ride the bizarre train all the...

From the shadows

"Ow, ya got me!" "I Wake Up Dreaming" celebrates rare, plutonium-hot noir

Johnny on the spot

Behind the scenes of the most famous behind-bars live LP: At Folsom Prison

Past, present, future

The Milk Issue: The time is now for The Times of Harvey Milk

The filth and the fury

Obscene chronicles one man's lifelong crusade against censorship

Stage names

Fall Arts Preview: Got live if you want it -- and you do

Workers nights

Festival highlights 100 years of labor movement