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Un certain regard

L'Enfant is perfection as usual for the Dardenne brothers

Danger! Danger!

Dear Andrea: Being in my second trimester, I've read volumes about the so-called danger of air embolisms caused by blowing air into the vagina...

The condo war continues

EDITORIAL The San Francisco Planning Department is having a little trouble dealing with the fact that — for the moment — no more condo...

Family business

The taxpayers bailed out Frank Lembi's S&L, but he emerged to build a huge real estate empire

The steak-out

EDIBLE COMPLEX In a very 20th-century way, steak connotes adulthood. A turning point for me was a visit to one of those cook-it-yourself steak...

Press Play

Dine review

A crude proposition

A deep breath for city planning

It was, as housing activist Calvin Welch explained to the Planning Commission March 16, the "canary in the coal mine." A decision by the...

Noise: SXSW Everything is subject to change

Damn. It’s only Thursday and I have a hangover the size of Texas. It’s a warm, humid afternoon here in Austin, and...

In Melinda’s memory

The Christmas Eve death of a homeless woman prompts questions about conditions in one of SF's largest shelters

‘Winner’ takes all

IF YOU CONSIDER  it amazing that New York Times best-selling author Augusten Burroughs was able to maintain a lucrative job in advertising while consuming...

The I-Hotel interviews

Many lives ago, I remember standing in the back hallway of the International Hotel trying to fathom why it was that this funny, run-down...