SUPERLIST NO. 813: Bling it on

Where to grill your teeth from here to the East Bay

Family business

The taxpayers bailed out Frank Lembi's S&L, but he emerged to build a huge real estate empire

Trannyshack east

Apparently all drag queens work for tips. Last year, a gay club owner in Manhattan wanted to copy the aberrant-behavior-fest known as Trannyshack,...

Enforcing a hidden anti-eviction law

As the Board of Supervisors was in the process of approving a measure to require a public hearing before converting rental units into condominiums...

Does Mills make sense?

Peskin measure gives supervisors an early say over a controversial waterfront development

Of Lenin and latecomers

Lenin for lawyers The 50-year-old San Francisco chapter of the National Lawyers Guild has long worked with local politicians to formulate legislation on issues...

SF’s economic future

Sometime early this spring, while most of Washington, D.C. was watching the cherry trees bloom and thinking about the impending Iran-contra hearings, a few...