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Eat on the beat

Snacking out during festival season

Wikipedia activism

› annalee@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION When I edit Wikipedia, I am fighting for the future. There are certain things and people whose memories I want preserved for...

Give me soccer or give me death

By Gazelle Emami During World Cup fever about this time last year, I found soccer the way some people find religion. Or maybe it was...

Kid tested, Bono approved

By Sean Manning Bono once alleged that Radiohead could be changing the way kids listened to music if only they weren’t so darned esoteric (obviously...

Muse of fire

David Gordon puts a Bush-era spin on Shakespeare's Henry V

Chasing the church

By Steven T. Jones Toward the end of Christopher Hitchens' wonderfully caustic anti-tribute to Jerry Falwell on Slate today, he chides the Democratic Party for...

Summer 2007 fairs and festivals guide

ONGOING ArtSFest Various venues; www.artsfestsf.org. For its fourth year, ArtSFest presents a showcase of theater, dance, visual art, film, music, spoken word, and more. Through...


FEB. 8 PERFORMANCE Crying in Public Octavio Paz once said life is not made according to human frailty, though the Nobel Prize-winning poet probably worded...

Anti-Christian mythology

Dust in the machine

NOISE: “Tennessee, you’ve been good to me”

I first encounted Mindy Smith on VH-1 Country, of all places -- it was a video for her cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" (with...


It's being released to coincide with World AIDS Day, but Thom Fitzgerald's 3 Needles isn't so much about AIDS as it is blood —...

Straight outta Mill Valley

The Abi Yoyos grow legs and skirt scenes

The final frontier

Aron Ranen surfs reality - to the moon and beyond

True religion genes

Tory in Jesus Camp. Copyright Magnolia Pictures. Fascinated disgust and aghast amusement are two feelings I don't experience often enough. Jesus Camp elicits both in...

Volume as a religion

By G.W. Schulz Meant to blog a while back on a stack of records I’ve picked up recently. I’m only going to write about a...

Pedro’s progress

An incomplete retrospective charts Almodóvar's shift from outrage to profundity

What’s the Damaged?

The Vans Warped Tour continues to mangle one young (and old) mind at a time

Headbanger’s a ball

Canadian doc Metal honors the metal gods

Latter daze

Juan Gelion faces the US's ever scary Christ complex