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We CAN’T do this

The view from my classroom. Yes, life was good. So yeah, I went to one of those "liberal New England colleges" that connote images...

Pollution for truth? Egads!

By Benedict Sinclair SF Tea Party for 9/11 Truth Dec. 16, 1pm Pier 39 415-451-8102 www.communitycurrency.org Hoo, boy -- here come the truth fetishists. They’re still groping away at that...

Are high-rises green?

High-rises use energy in ways that single-family homes don't

Bourgie but blameless

Intrepid intern Soo Oh checks out custom countertops that are going to save the world. By Soo Oh Eco-friendly home improvement couldn't get classier than ...

Scavenging’s new spirit

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of freebies in San Francisco

Feast: 7 homey hearths

Amber is my living room, and not just because I really like Pabst Blue Ribbon and smoking inside. It's also because I live in...

Where is the love?

How can we criminalize people for the sole act of living without a home and occupying public space?

Editor’s Notes

You'd think this was a Republican town, reading the local news media lately

Elisa’s Cafe and L’s Caffe

One F or two?

Now recycling is the problem

By Tim Redmond The latest installment in the San Francisco Chronicle's war on the homeless is pretty insane. According to C.W. Nevius, the Haight Ashbury...

Nuclear greenwashing

Global warming has suddenly put nukes back on the agenda — but there's a lot the industry isn't telling you

Tomorrow’s honorees

By Steven T. Jones Last night's San Francisco Tomorrow 37th annual dinner on Fisherman's Wharf offered a who's who list of environmentally engaged political leaders...

Future prefects

The Klaxons are the neu-rave crossover pop phenom of the moment

Soft machines

With amplified thumb piano and pots and pans in hand, Konono No. 1 prove that good things can happen in Kinshasa

Death of fun, the sequel

NIMBY assault! Crackdown on nightlife and outdoor events continues, even as the backlash gains strength

Small Business Awards 2007: Chain Store Alternative Award

Waldeck's Office Supplies

Eco trip

Does pop clash with green?

Guide to greener living

Some local resources to help you do your ecological part

Go green!

Go green! A guide to Earth Day celebrations and upcoming green events

Vino, verde, vici

GreanTeanis? You're kidding.

Draining the river

The SFPUC is looking for ways to suck more freshwater into the reservoirs

Clean isn’t always green

Well-scrubbed streets keep constituents happy -- but the city's grit doesn't simply disappear

Assault on batteries

Satisfaction in disposal