Oct. 31 Music Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club Baptism by moonshine must be a wonderful thing, if the music of the Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club...

Smile when you say “mockney”

UK ska-pop princess Lily Allen rules the Euro-singles school

The 2006 political candidates let loose with us

The endorsement tapes: Unedited, uncensored interviews with candidates for local office.

Mall of the metaverse

Rock shows, retail, and rebellion — Second Life brings virtual gaming down to the everyday level

Trash hits Toronto

Bright lights and the heart of movie theater darkness

The man with the golden guns

ACTION HERO Soft-spoken and dare I say, petite, Tony Jaa hardly looks like the kind of guy who could annihilate a room full of...

Checking the tour and festival circuit

SEPT. 1 Broke Ass Summer Jam 2006 Living Legends revive the ’90s Mystik Journeymen event, which centered on their mag, underground West Coast acts, and...

Rage and resistance

The Coup's Boots Riley continues to challenge with the unapologetic Pick a Bigger Weapon

Monopolies are forever

July 28, 2006 By Bruce B. Brugmann (henceforth to be known as B3 in this Bruce blog) Earlier this week I dropped by Christopher’s Books on Potrero...

Beast of the Bay

What better song to toast 6/6/06 than Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast"?

Shooting the shit


Beast of the Bay

What better song to toast 6/6/06 than Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast"?

Ballot-box alliance

Proposition A brings progressives and communities of color together - finally

{Empty title}

May 24-30 Aries March 21-April 19 Every life has dominant themes, Aries. It’s sort of like how you...

Free kitten?

› SONIC REDUCER Mother's Day: the primo time to think about reasons why mom rules. So why did I spend it listening...

NOISE: Have another slab of John Vanderslice

Duncan Scott Davidson interviewed Tiny Telephone honcho and Barsuk artist John Vanderslice for a piece in the May 3 issue of the Guardian. Here's...

Tossing the salad

› During the long weeks of this un-spring, I have often found myself looking out into the rain-swept garden and thinking:...

Singin’ in the watermelon juice

This year's SFIFF revives the movie musical -- for better and worse

Whither Slither?

Slimy things in film.

Stone cold cooking

 Sonic Reducer Wonderful, unforeseen taste combinations are everywhere you look — and they go beyond the mundane peanut butter and chocolate, Tom and Katie,...