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A no-new-cuts budget

The governor's pledge not to raise taxes demonstrates that at heart he's a George W. Bush Republican

A lousy casino deal

The expansion of tribal gaming has seen an increase in the number of human and civil rights violations

Yellow Swans’ Gabriel Mindel Saloman picks his final five music faves of 2007

Yellow Swans' Gabriel Mindel Saloman (left) and Pete Swanson. By Gabriel Mindel Saloman Here are five more musical selections for 2007. See www.sfbg.com for the rest....

Polishing SPUR

A downtown ally is building a new home. It's also trying to create a new image

Editor’s Notes

Luxury condos in this city are like jails and freeways: you build them, they fill up

Transit or traffic

There's a real chance to fix Muni -- but a simplistic downtown campaign for more parking and less government is trying to derail it

Airlines demand corporate welfare

After losing in court, big corporations are pushing city policy makers to exempt them from paying hotel taxes

Private perils: Elliott Sclar

Elliott Sclar, economics professor at Columbia University and the author of You Don't Always Get What You Pay For: The Economics of Privatization is...

41st Anniversary Special: The perils of privatization

Ronald Reagan started dismantling government 25 years ago, but his privatization legacy is alive and growing -- even in San Francisco

Robert Reich speaks up: “Supercapitalism”

Tim Redmond recently reviewed former labor secretary Robert Reich's new book Supercapitalism -- below, he talks to Reich about economics, industry, and the pervasive...

SFist thinks we’re commies

So the folks at SFist have decided that we're all commies over here because we think it's okay to tax the rich and...

How wifi might work in SF

Slate has a great piece by Tim Wu, author of "Who Owns the Internet," that points out why Mayor Newsom's public-private partnership idea for...

Gayest. Music. Ever.

The death of circuit, Energy 92.7 FM, and the new queer dance floor diaspora

Editor’s Notes

Time to turn our housing policy upside down

Record labels, quit playin’ games with my heart – hurry up and release these CDs over here already

Sweet on unreleased-in-the-US Candie Payne. By Todd Lavoie Look, I know America is supposed to be the land of infinite choice and all - y’know, 287...

Green City: Gray-water guerillas

Recycling water, under the radar

NASA hippies

Golden records in outer space

Written on the skin

Body horror– meister David Cronenberg forges Eastern Promises


The top 10 big stories the US news media missed in the past year

Switching sides

One word: beets

Where are all the payphones?

Deregulation and industry greed are wiping out a form of old technology that's a critical lifeline

Why gas costs so much

By Tim Redmond Just in case anyone out there is still wondering about the basic economics of the oil industry: When you raise the price...

Importing injustice

How deregulation and Wal-Mart poison the Port of Oakland's neighbors and force poverty wages on its truckers

Nuclear greenwashing

Global warming has suddenly put nukes back on the agenda — but there's a lot the industry isn't telling you