The guns have won

The toll of Bush's Iraq war on health care

Chasing my stolen bicycle

Enter the urban underworld of open-air chop shops, steal-to-order thieves, and brazen fencing networks, where San Francisco's most pervasive crime is ignored by the authorities

San Francisco lovin’

The pros and cons of sex and romance in the city by the bay

Ways we were

Banana House

Careers and Ed: Cocktail frosh

Mixed Drinks 101: Can a two-week bartending course impart real-world pouring skills?

The Off-Guard Awards

Offies 2006: our tribute to the most pathetic moments of the year past

No reprieve

By G.W. Schulz The most recent newsletter from the Tenderloin police station shows yet again what has been one of California’s worst criminal-justice problems –...

Raya Martin’s twin cinema peaks of 2006

1. Costa in Cannes Cinema Scope editor Mark Peranson warned me about what was to come: Pedro Costa's Colossal Youth was reportedly still being...

The bigger picture

There's a lot more to the McKesson-Hearst story than the press has seen fit to print

Hallelujah, more lists!

Online exclusive: more local players and playas' top 10s

Ringing it backwards

Suddenly, she was attracted both ways

Happiness science

› annalee@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION I took a five-question happiness quiz, and it turns out I'm very satisfied but not overly so. If I start feeling down,...

The people’s party

DJ Sake 1 finds a rare groove at Pacific Standard Time


One of the most extraordinary products of recent Fillmore history is Messy Marv, a rapper whose life reflects the neighborhood's struggle with a half...


Pelosi is not one of us

{Empty title}

Josh Wolf at 81 days By Sarah Phelan Spoke to jailed freelance videographer/blogger Josh Wolf by phone on his 81st day at Dublin Federal Correctional Institute....

Josh Wolf: 81 days inside, Scrabble Master

By Sarah Phelan Spoke to jailed freelance videographer/blogger Josh Wolf by phone on his 81st day at Dublin Federal Correctional Institute. (Wolf clocked 31 days...

Two drug execs escape jail … for now

By G.W. Schulz Two former executives at the San Francisco-based McKesson Corp. escaped prison sentences by the skin of their teeth late last week in...

Still dizzy

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: About what you said about infatuation — isn't it possible to be head over heels in love with someone and also have...

Dear Jerry Brown: more impertinent questions on the Hearst shenanigans (part 4)

Followups on Hearst: No word back from the Chronicle on my questions on why they are blacking out the big local story...

NOISE: By gum, it’s Boris and the Village Green and…

Oh, Hump Day - what would we do without you, positioned perfectly between weekend bliss and workday toil? And who would expect so many...

A tough pill to swallow

How a drug-data publisher owned by media giant Hearst inflated the cost of medicine

The first 40

40th Anniversary special: How we made it against all odds — and why we'll be here for the duration

The Guardian turns 40: some things never change

As we were working away on our 40th anniversary issue, we got a new lead from an unusual venue on a 40-year-old Guardian story:...