Peeling out with Trans Am’s Phil Manley

Trans Am, dude. Powerful, proggy, electro, rockin' - what don't these guys do? Once based in DC, now living all over the place, all...

Eco trip

Does pop clash with green?

The green issue

Environmental action to save the planet -- right here at home

Tempest in an urban teapot

Critical Mass and the press

Final word

By Steven T. Jones Why is the Chronicle having such a hard time understanding this Critical Mass incident? In my televised discussion with four Chron...

FEAST: 6 green bars and bistros

The road to hell is paved with recycled soda cans. I know you mean well, turning off the water while you brush your teeth...

To Helltrack and back

If you know BMX, you know Rad -- and its Kix cereal-fueled hero, Cru Jones.

Ending the road-closure stalemate

The mayor is willing to discard his own evidence, break his word, and ignore the obvious facts

Chasing my stolen bicycle

Enter the urban underworld of open-air chop shops, steal-to-order thieves, and brazen fencing networks, where San Francisco's most pervasive crime is ignored by the authorities

Sex on wheels

The 2007 "At Your Service" bike messenger calendar

Sex on wheels

I promised this blog wouldn't turn into a cornucopia of hot-boy postings, but hey, they asked for it! The new 2007 San Francisco Bike...

The other home of Bay hip-hop

Move over, Oakland and exurbia hyphy — San Francisco's Fillmore District unleashes its own fresh wave of rappers


Our controversial bike-fiend Duncan Davidson on VeloSwap (this Saturday 11/18 at the Concourse) The VeloSwap PR folks chase the opening zinger “the largest consumer...


By G.W. Schulz Sure, street sports have become a cluster fuck for corporate sponsorships, but in some cases, that just means more money for punks...

Online bonanza

Fixed-gear fracas, Lusty Lady lowdown, and Pixel Vision hits Vancouver in the blogs.

Firing off at fixed-gears

Those fashionable fixies, now on film

Prop. A reality check

Just weeks after the homicide prevention measure failed - a beloved DJ is shot dead in the Mission

Catch some rays

> a& Damn, it's been hard to stay focused since the rain stopped. So many beers in the park to enjoy and so many great...

…And some bad

Lawsuit by virulent antibicycle activist halts all pedaling projects

Bike safety chic

How to hit the pavement in style

Bright knight of the analog soul

Going deeper with Tiny Telephone's John Vanderslice

The veto question

Supervisors approve Saturday park closure, but will Newsom kill yet another measure prized by progressives?

Creative Manufacturer: Fat Dog’s World Famous Subway Guitars

1800 Cedar, Berk.(510) 841-4106For 38 years, a man named Fat Dog has been serving as Berkeley's own musical Dr. Frankenstein.As the owner of Fat...