Eff you, gravity! Watch this skater fly over a fence at the new SoMa West skatepark

Pub date August 4, 2014
SectionPixel Vision

The Guardian recently covered the unveiling of the SoMa West skatepark, a new skate spot giving a glint of hope to the city’s skate scene. And despite the crowing of the fist-shakers at the Chronicle (quit that damn noise, you hooligans!), our trip to the new skatepark found folks having a grind-happy grand ol’ time.

Now a new video from Thrasher Magazine shows a badass jump from a skater, who flies over the new skatepark’s fence and onto the streets. I mean, shoot, this guy flies. This skater essentially just flipped the bird to gravity, and landed his board straight onto Duboce.

Check it out below, and check out our photo gallery of the SoMa West skatepark here. Kudos to Julia Chan at CIR for spotting the video.